7 Marvel Costumes We Don’t Like (And 8 We Really Like)

We all blame the comics for hardly changing over the years in terms of appearances but that’s something the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken care of. Over the last years, we’ve seen numerous changes in the lineup of heroes and their appearances.

While some are better than others, there are a few which aren’t. Some redesigns are so good that they tend to make you forget how those heroes looked originally. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you our list of Marvel costumes we liked and disliked.

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You must be thinking about what on earth are we talking about. Hulk and costume? Isn’t he always big and green and ugly and cute with ragged purple shorts? Well, of course you’re right. Most improvements in the Hulk are because of CGI. So better the CGI, better the Hulk.

But, wait a second. Don’t you remember the cool Hulk we saw in Thor: Ragnarok? The iconic scene where Thor has to face an opponent and that opponent turns out to be none other than the banished Hulk. We see the Hulk talking, splashing and wearing a garland around his neck, with intimidating armour and helmet during fight sequences. We all loved this version of Hulk in the cool outfit though fans were disappointed to never get the full version of ‘Planet Hulk’ on screen.


We all love the virtuous Captain who is always holding on to yesteryears’ virtues. But we all will agree with one thing that Captain’s outfit in the first Avengers’ movie is downright atrocious. It’s really bad as compared to the rugged look the suit has in the ‘Captain America: The first avenger’ which was appreciated by one and all. But in the 2012 Avengers’ movie, it was a more a comic accurate look which looked kiddish, unrealistic and bad.


To be honest, when we first see her in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, she looks pretty normal, styling a red jacket over a simple black dress.

Over the years, we have seen an incredible upgrade in her outfit or what we should call a costume upgrade. Now she styles herself with a red trench coat than a simple red jacket; worn over a red corset. With her eyes glowing red and matching perfectly with her attire, her looks makes one wonder about the force she has in herself.


You wouldn’t know who this is if you have missed out on Iron Man: 3. Oh yes, you guessed it right. The name that Iron Man’s war buddy War Machine has but since he was functioning for the US government and in the name of America, he was called a Patriot (sigh). We see him again in Civil War where he’s back to his old name.

This redesign was ugly and fortunately he was jailed, meaning that no one has to see this ugly design anymore.


No one could’ve played this character better than the man himself: Robert Downey Jr. The talented actor bought the character to life and captured its spirit and over the years we have seen numerous costume changes.

There have been a few changes in every movie which involves Iron Man over the years but one costume which caught everyone’s attention was the ‘Hulkbuster’ outfit. It made its first appearance in Age of Ultron and was seen again in Infinity War and it lives up to its name. It was built to defeat the angry Hulk and we hope to see more of it in the coming years.


Oh, poor Hawkeye! He’s always termed as the weakest Avenger and after all he’s just a human amongst super-enhanced beings and his choice of weapon takes us to the ancient times: a bow and an arrow. Besides all this, he needs a better tailor!

In Avengers, we saw him in a S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit that leaves his arms free, giving him freedom to fetch for his arrows but in Age of Ultron, we see Hawkeye in a long, zipped up trench coat which makes it all the way more terrible. This suit will not only make him slower and less efficient but will also make it harder for him to run. Come on Marvel, we need a change here!


We see the Black Widow back in Iron Man 2, if one remembers and after that we all loved the character. In the movie, she was an undercover agent so we don’t get to get her Black widow side until the end of the movie.

We see her in Avengers after that where she sports a black leather outfit which seems more likely to her comic book appearance. Her hair look much better in terms of colour and style. As playing a spy character, her looks are supposed to change on multiple occasions but this remains the most accurate recreation of her yet.


The show Daredevil on Netflix and the first season portrayed an outfit which was much simpler than the comics; a black suit with a mask covering half of the face. However, when the makers brought in the new design, the fans outrageously asked the makers to bring back the old one.

The old outfit changed with the more known ‘red devil’ outfit and that’s exactly when we realise that some characters would look bad in their actual representation, this being one of them.


We already told you how much we disliked the look Captain America had in Avengers (2012). However, Winter Soldier changed the look and this upgrade was freaking amazing. It’s a lot darker and the movie explains that this suit is what Captain is wearing while going on a stealth mission.

This might also be a symbolism of the dark secrets that a well intentioned organisation like S.H.I.E.L.D. has. The suits boasts of horizontal lines across his chest to the ones outlining the abs. We are all so thankful to Marvel for realising how shitty the former suit was and replacing it.


Weren’t you all surprised to see Red Skull in Infinity War? We saw him getting consumed by the Cosmic Cube and we all thought that he’s gone forever. But once you see the Red Skull, you realise that the new costume is uglier than his face.

The costume just has black robes and a hood and guess what, to make things worse he can now float as easily as he can walk. I guess, the Nazi designs were much better than his appearance in Infinity War though I hate myself for admitting this.


When we first saw Groot, he was the biggest of all the Guardians but after his brave attempt to save his friends where he gives away his life while Rocket manages to save a twig to grow a new Groot. And well, this new Groot was a smash hit. We see him running around naked or wearing an adorable Ravager jacket and we saw a huge amount of Groot toys coming in the market!

We all are interested in seeing if Groot eventually goes back to square  one and looks like he originally did.


A key character of Tony Stark’s character is to keep redesigning his suit. We’ve seen him designing the best of suits while at times, just like the Infinity War redesign, it wouldn’t be bad to say that he does suck.

In the movie, Iron Man is seen enjoying the technology that we’ve seen him around in comics. He carries his armour with him but this armour looks too animated, unlike the Thor and Hulk CGI which looks incredible.


Okay, so this guy is basically a copy of a copy. Marvel Comics has done their best to create an intriguing adaptation of a Norse God. He looked pretty basic in Avengers and the first two films of the Thor franchise but Thor: Ragnarok gave the Asgardian an unforgettable makeover.

Starting with the short hair to ditching his armour to protect his arms (which also gives a glimpse of Hemsworth’s impressive muscles) to ditching his cape and applying warpaint gives this character the COOOOLEST look around!


We’ve been having glimpses of Thanos since long now and we all had an idea where Marvel was taking us in its ten years of movie making. The Thanos we saw in Infinity War was really bad as compared to his other earlier appearances and no amount of CGI can cover up that.

When we first see him covered with armour from head to toe, it’s not hard to guess that he’s definitely a threat. Throughout Infinity War, we see him without a head gear and armour. This look made him a butt of lot of jokes over the social media and made him look more like a random bald guy than a threat to the world.


We all love Spidey, don’t we? It feels like just yesterday when he joined the MCU and well, we all loved his comic accurate suit in the earlier two appearances. In Infinity War, he gets an upgrade and it’s none other than the ‘Iron Spider’ suit, which was a homage to similar suit in the comics. The makers did a great job in creating a ‘hot’ new suit without compromising the good things about the old suit.

Spidey now has glowing white eyes and he’s still rocking the iconic red and blue look but it looks more more like a circuit, reminding us of its developer, Tony Stark. There are features like the extra arms that that come out only when needed, giving the whole look a cool new feature without disrupting the classic comic look.

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