Overcoming the odds have been a great part of any superhero. Most stories would’ve been boring if the heroes easily take out every enemy they face. While being in an ideal scenario, it doesn’t make well for compelling situations. This is why we have villains like Hela, Killmonger and Thanos. These have given us pause for thought on whether our heroes can win the day or not. If a bad guy is difficult to put away, it is all the way more rewarding seeing them be toppled.

However, there are villains that are way too powerful. While we wouldn’t wish to see villains that are defeated easily, we can’t invest in a villain who simply pushes heroes aside too. Today we will countdown 7 Marvel villains too powerful for the big screen.

7. Kang The Conquerer

Proving once again that only the Hulk can carry off the purple and green colour scheme, Kang the Conqueror is a genius time traveller. This raises the question that if he really is so smart, why does he wear those baggy green tunic and purple leggings.

Technically, it is supposed to be a super high-tech armour from the future. This battle armour enhances his strength, durability and endurance. It also allows him to create projections of energy, holograms and force-fields. He can take out Avengers by time manipulation and might even bamboozle them with his ability to be everywhere at once.

6. Korvac

One of the most underrated villains in the MCU, Korvac has access to the Power Cosmic which makes him almost invincible. It took both Guardians and Avengers to bring him down during the “Korvac Saga” storyline. The Korvac saga is one of the most defining stories in Marvel as it shows a cyborg from another dimension who has absorbed the powers of Grandmaster and Galactus.
Having an elder and a portion of Power Cosmic in him, he was a dangerous threat through his story comes out as tragic and his actions cause many deaths.

Even after getting defeated by Avengers, Korvac managed to survive by going through time and inhabiting new hosts.

5. Magus

The physical manifestation of Adam Warlock’s evil thoughts, Magus is a very intelligent and powerful being. He established the Universal Church of Truth to spread his influence across the universe and thus sparking a 5000-year long religious struggle. His tyrannical rule led to the enslavement of countless organisms.

His powers include the ability to shoot energy bolts, super strength and intangibility. Other than these, he can also use his Cosmic energy to complement his strength. He is so terrible that he once made Thanos join up with the Avengers and Captain Marvel so that they might defeat him.

4. Shuma-Gorath

Shuma-Gorath is someone who inhabits a dimension where he exercises absolute power that translates into terror for everyone else’s dimension. If such a being is sent into MCU, untold pain and anguish would happen.

Even Thanos once came up against Shuma Gorath with his Infinity Gauntlet but even with all his power, he couldn’t end the being.

3. Stryfe

This is a clone of the veteran X-Force leader and best friend to Deadpool, Cable. Unlike his brother, he doesn’t have a techno-organic virus eating away at his body. Cable, on the other hand, had to use a lot of his power to suppress the virus from eating his body.

Stryfe doesn’t need to worry about any of this as he has a full bill of health. He’s in great condition and has access to full power of his psionic abilities.

2. Selene

Selene has been around since forever and has seen everything from the rise and fall of the Roman Empire to the present day. She’s one of the few immortal beings on Earth, with the ability to extend her life by consuming others.

Selene is also the Black Queen of Hellfire Club, holding powers in the influential circles of the world.

1. Molecule Man

Not just is he a tricky villain, but he’s also very unpredictable and Infinitely powerful. As his name suggests, his powers are tied to molecules which include the control thereof.

He can control almost every matter in the universe and is almost an unstoppable opponent. He can rearrange, disintegrate or remove Avengers with ease.

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