7 MCU Fan Theories About Fan Favorite Supporting Characters We Wish We Knew Earlier

There have been a busload of theories on MCU heroes. But what about the supporting characters? Here are a few that will blow you away.

M’Baku Became King Of Wakanda After Thanos Snap Killed Shuri & T’Challa. He Became The New Black Panther

Captain America & Thor are some of the fastest beings in the entire Avengers roster. When the Avengers charged into Thanos’ army headfirst, there was one more guy who was able to keep up with the two. M’Baku managed to keep up with Thor and Steve Rogers, which made people started guessing that the guy did take the heart-shaped drug and became the King of Wakanda between Infinity War & Endgame. With both Shuri and T’Challa having been dusted, M’Baku took the throne out of necessity rather than a lust for power.

Groot Is The Descendant Of Asgard’s World Tree That Connects The Nine Realms

The theory banks on the fact that Groot was able to not only pick up Stormbreaker but even chopped of his own arm that later bound itself to the same weapon. Thor claimed in the first Thor movie that the Bifrost transports people from one realm to another by making them traverse the branches of the World Tree. Manipulating the Bifrost is somehow one of the primary abilities of Stormbreaker. Coincidence?

Drax Says He Is Invisible Because His Eyesight Isn’t Color Based, It’s Motion Based

We all make fun of Drax’s Invisible Man comment. But a theory might irrefutably prove Drax was telling the truth, well according to his standards. Drax comes from a race of aliens who are built different than the rest of us. This theory claims Drax’s eyesight is motion based. If someone of something stands perfectly still, he or she appears invisible to Drax. Only when things move that he is able to see them via his motion based vision. Maybe that’s why he finds mantis “hideous”? All he sees when she speaks or moves is her antenna studded face. He can’t see the rest of her facial features.

Nebula Wanted Black Widow To Die For The Soul Stone

Natasha spent years searching for the rogue Clint Barton. Nebula witnessed how desperate Black Widow got while trying to search for her former ally. The theory is Nebula manipulated the Avengers into letting Natasha and Clint go to Vormir for the Soul Stone. The stone needed the sacrifice of a loved one and Nebula knew Clint and Natasha were the perfect candidates for the job.

Odin Released Hela & Weakened Mjolnir’s Enchantments As Thor’s Final Test To Become King

Odin knew his time had come and Thor must take up the mantle he had been presiding over since so long. So he set plans in motion that after his death, Hela will return. The magical enchantments that make Mjolnir so strong and only be capable of being lifted by the worthy would be undone. Odin wanted Thor to be free of his previous inhibitions. Thor: Ragnarok’s true orchestrator was Odin, not Hela.

Asgard Wanted The Collector To Collect All 6 Infinity Stones

Since The Collector’s main lust is collecting, giving him one stone would mean he would move heaven and earth to collect the rest 5. All in his quest to complete his collection. Asgard would watch from afar as Tivan did their dirty work for them. That is why Asgardians gave him the Reality Stone for ‘safekeeping’.

Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster Got Cancer from The Reality Stone

Being exposed to the reality stone’s powers while it was inside her body would be a suitable reason for Jane Foster to be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In the comics, cancer is a huge part of Foster’s character development and The dark World may have already sown the seeds to that effect. Thor 4 will reveal Portman is dying ever since Thor 2.

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