7 Mistakes In MCU Films We Bet You Didn’t Notice

Each and every moment of a Marvel Comics film is literally created by hundreds of people who work together to ensure that the movie fits perfectly when it reaches the fans. But sometimes, even the best in the business end up making errors. Sometimes it could just be a prop appearing and disappearing while other times it could be simpler errors like safety lines not erased.

Then there are mistakes that are dumb and even more noticeable. Today we will tell you about 7 mistakes made by MCU that only true fans noticed:

7. The Airplane Windows

In Iron Man 3, a hole is blown in an Air Force One which results in thirteen people blown out, free-falling to the ground. Air Force One is the personal transportation of the President and to protect him, the windows are bulletproof.
However, this was ignored in the film. This can be a part of the imagination or just a mistake. After all, these films deal with things that are out of ordinary.

6. Spot the Crew Member

Deadpool broke the fourth wall in the end credits-scene of the first film when he asked the audience why they’re still in the movie theatre after it has ended.
During the Nick Fury/Tony Stark meeting in The Incredible Hulk post-credit scene, Stark enters the room and you can clearly spot a crew member reflected in the glass wall.

5. The Incredible Hulk and His disappearing money

This mistake went unnoticed, giving fans an impression that the makers didn’t spend much time on the editing of the film.
In a scene, Bruce needs to grab his wallet, so he goes over to where he had dropped his wallet open, with money poking out of it. When this scene goes away for a moment only to return later, the money is suddenly out of the wallet, ready for him to grab.

4. Captain America & The Super Soldier Hair Gel

This happens at the end of Avengers after the heroes save the day and defeat Loki. They part their ways and bid goodbye to New York. Captain America could be seen riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.
Another mistake made by MCU here was that the background was seen passing but there’s no wind as he rides. Like, Steve’s hair doesn’t move and his clothes do not billow.

3. Chris Evans’ Safety Line

The highway scene in Age of Ultron is incredible, making it look like the producers didn’t use a green screen for creating it. In the scene, Captain America jumps on a moving truck to take on Ultron.
And just here, for a brief moment, you can spot a safety line holding the actor as he’s hanging on the side of the truck.

2. Bucky Barnes was born thrice

When Steve Rogers visits Smithsonian to pay a tribute to his friend, Bucky Barnes, he’s visibly upset. However, there is an error in Barnes’ birth and death date shown here.
The text begins with, “Born in 1916, Bucky was the oldest child of four,” but ends with showing the dates as 1917-1944. This gets confusing as the date on his dossier in The Avengers show 1922. So, which one is true? Keep guessing.

1. Peggy Carter becomes the Fandom

When Steve Rogers is mesmerizedd from a skinny 95-pound wimp to a hunky muscled guy, Peggy Carter gets so mesmerised by him that she reaches out and touches his pegs.
However, actress Hayley Attwell who played the role told Vanity Fair that when she saw Evans without his shirt, she just went for it impulsively. This was not a part of the original script. The actress admitted that it was the first time she saw Evans shirtless and couldn’t help herself.

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