7 Most Powerful Marvel Villains Fans Would Love To See In MCU

Thanos is unarguably the best villain in the MCU until now. Not only was he the strongest Avengers have ever faced, he was also the focal point of Infinity War. He was psychotic, yes but there was ample determination and motive behind his actions in the MCU. The Mad Titan will once again appear next year in Avengers 4 and will probably meet his ends at the hands of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

With the end of Phase 3, MCU will finally open doors for X-Men and Fantastic Four which will also bring a variety of villains to the MCU. So today we have 7 most powerful villains we’d love to see in MCU:

7. Mephisto

Of course, Mephisto has appeared in Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider movies, and they are Marvel(Not MCU.) Mephisto, though, has never been the primary villain in the movies. He is just a bad guy who forces Johnny Blaze to do his bidding.

In Spirit of Vengeance(the less we say, the better), Mephisto is closer to being a villain. But, if the source material is taken into account even 10%, Mephisto is too OP to be a villain in the MCU. More than his strength, he is stronger than anyone in the entire movie world. He is immortal and has magical prowess that would make Doctor Strange look like a common illusionist.

6. Onslaught

With Disney’s purchase of Fox, fans can rejoice that the X-Men can now be a part of the MCU. One X-Men villain that is definitely way too strong for the MCU is Onslaught.

Professor X, in a bid to shut down MAgneto’s mind, enters it, but he ends up combining with him instead, This was the birth of Onslaught, an indestructible and unstoppable villain. He was so strong that no one could beat him. It took the sacrifice of both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers to stop him.

5. Galactus

Galactus is one of the strongest entities of the Universe due to his connection to the Power Cosmic. Though not always a villain, he is often a foe of the Fantastic Four.
Other than his obvious size and strength, Galactus can also manipulate matter and energy. He is known to be a devourer of planets.
Galactus is also known to use “Heralds” as a way of announcing his arrival to a planet. Even Silver Surfer, Galactus’ most famous herald could greatly damage Thanos.

4. Magus

The physical manifestation of Adam Warlock’s evil thoughts, Magus is a very intelligent and powerful being. He established the Universal Church of Truth to spread his influence across the universe and thus sparking a 5000-year long religious struggle. His tyrannical rule led to the enslavement of countless organisms.
His powers include the ability to shoot energy bolts, super strength and intangibility. Other than these, he can also use his Cosmic energy to complement his strength.
He is so terrible that he made Thanos join up with the Avengers and Captain Marvel so that they might defeat him.

3. Kang The Conqueror

Proving once again that only the Hulk can carry off the purple and green colour scheme, Kang the Conqueror is a genius time traveller. This raises the question that if he really is so smart, why does he wear those baggy green tunic and purple leggings.

Technically, it is supposed to be a super high-tech armour from the future. This battle armour enhances his strength, durability and endurance. It also allows him to create projections of energy, holograms and force-fields.

2. Doctor Doom

Doom is one of the most intelligent men to make it to the list. He has used his mental faculties to spread fear and darkness though. Trained by the ascetics of the East, the Doctor can call on armies of the undead demons whenever he chooses to. He can create mind-boggling energy in forms of rays and blasts.

What makes Doctor Doom so devastating is that he is equally well versed in all forms of technology. He wears a body armour that is impossible to get through and that lets his function effectively in any possible environment. He can also produce powers that are just like powerful creatures like the Silver Surfer, and can also transfer consciousness and control machines through his mind. He also rules Latveria and has unbridled access to all its resources. The list goes on and on, making Doctor Doom a real enemy to match.

1. Beyonder

Making his debut in 1984’s Secret Wars, The Beyonder is an infinite dimensional entity. He’s a humanoid manifestation of the Beyond Realm. His powers are said to dwarf that if the entire multiverse combined.

The Beyonder can be found studying Earth, even creating a planet called Battworld where he forces Marvel heroes and villains to keep fighting endlessly.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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