7 most powerful weapons in DC Films

DC is known for its powerful characters. It carries many aliens from other planets who display various enhanced abilities, the most popular being Superman. There’s also a race of Gods called the New Gods, who reside in a realm that exists outside normal time and space. There are many famous DC characters who cannot match the physical power of these powerful entities. Many of the powerful weapons have appeared in the DC films over the years.

Most Powerful Weapons Used In DC Films

From 1966 Batman film to 2017’s Justice League, we have seen a variety of weapons, which exist in various forms. Now today we will discuss 7 most powerful weapons in DC films.

7. Batarang

Most Powerful Weapons In DC Films

Batarang is Batman’s most famous handheld weapon. It has been used by almost every iteration of Batman; from Adam West to Ben Affleck.

Batman uses the weapon to disarm and distract his foes. This can also be used to inflict pain on his targets, as we saw in 2016’s Batman vs Superman. Bad guys actually squirm at the sight of a Batarang.

6. Kryptonite Spear

Most Powerful Weapons In DC Films
Kryptonite Spear

In BvS: Dawn of Justice, Batman is well-equipped to take on Superman. Many weapons were created by Bruce, but there’s one thing that can totally take down Superman: The Kryptonite Spear.

Eventually, both unite over “Martha” and later join forces to face Doomsday. Superman ultimately uses the spear to take down Doomsday.

5. Steppenwolf’s Electro Axe

Most Powerful Weapons In DC Films
Steppenwolf Electro Axe

In Justice League, Steppenwolf’s axe has immense power. He’s able to take down the Amazins and Atlanteans with the same axe. When struck, it emits an energy blast that turns its victims into parademons.

It’s also indestructible and has the strength to take down Wonder Woman. It ultimately falls at the end of the film when it’s not strong enough to withstand the attack from Wonder Woman and Superman.

4. Green Lantern Power Ring

Most Powerful Weapons In DC Films
Green Lantern Power Ring

Green Lantern Power Ring is one of the most Power DC weapons to have found its way to the big screen. The Power Ring selects Hal Jordan to be the next bearer. The Ring gives the owner a protective field and power to generate anything.

All through the film, we sss Jordan getting to learn how to harness its power and channel it through the ring. However, we don’t get to see the full extent of their power.

3. Cyborg’s Body

Most Powerful Weapons In DC Films

Victor Stone experienced a fatal car crash that ended his life. His father later salvaged his head and part of his body together and fused his cybernetic body using the mother box.

Silas saved his son Victor and created Cyborg. The robotic body is one of the most powerful weapons in the whole DC universe. He’s potentially more powerful than even Superman and as a weapon, the suit is the sole runner-up to its creator.

2. Bracelets of Submission

Most Powerful Weapons In DC Films
Bracelet Of Submission

The Bracelets of Submission is one of the most infamous weapons of Wonder Woman. She wears two body armour arm bracelets, which are capable enough to deflect anything, even powerful energy blasts.

She can also generate an energy blast using this which is strong enough to knock back Doomsday.

1. Mother Box

Most Powerful Weapons In DC Films
Mother Box

The Mother Box shown in the Justice League is the powerful weapon in the Dark Worlds of DC. The three boxes have the power to manipulate life on a cellular level. It’s used by Silas Stone to save his son Victor and create Cyborg.

Another similar Mother Box is used by Cyborg and Batman to resurrect Superman in the film. If the three Mother boxes are united, they form a unity which can be used by Steppenwolf to conquer worlds.

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