7 Questions Raised By Avengers: Endgame Trailer

While Marvel has finally given fans their first look at Avengers: Endgame, the trailer has also raised as many questions as it answered.

This is usually the way with first trailers anyway, but it’s obvious when you have a film like Endgame which takes place after MCU’s first ten years and a time been a long-established Universe is thrown into chaos.

The trailer shows a vision of a world that’s mourning and shell-shocked Superheroes after Thanos’ snap, as none of them can fully get their fingers on what to do next after the universe-altering defeat at the hands of Thanos. So here are 7 questions that the trailer raised.

1. Where is Captain Marvel?

Infinity War ended up teasing the debut of Captain Marvel in its post-credits scene, but if she’s going to be essential in stopping Thanos, where is Carol Danvers in the trailer?

While Carol is set to appear in her own film in March, the odds are that she will be teased in a post-credits scene at the end of Captain Marvel, as Avengers 4 (Endgame) is now releasing in April, which is ahead of the original release date.

2. How did Ant-Man get out of the Quantum Realm

When we last saw Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man in Ant-Man & The Wasp this year, he was exploring the Quantum Realm when suddenly his tether to the real world was lost by the sudden snap.

While we do see him in The trailer, it seems like he managed to escape the Quantum Realm by himself somehow and then joining The Avengers for help.

3. Where is Rocket?

Thor found a good friend in Rocket and it’s possible that the two of them have continued together, lacking behind in connecting to anyone. Another possibility is that maybe he is drowning in his sorrows somewhere separate from Thor because while they did become close during Infinity War, it doesn’t eclipse the loss Rocket felt after losing Groot and the rest of the Guardians.

4. What’s up with Hawkeye’s Hood?

Hawkeye did not appear in Infinity War because he was retired from the whole costumed business. He had a family to care about and Civil War did not make him many friends, so it seems like an ideal time to focus on the home front, as we saw in Age of Ultron.

He is back now and he likely no longer Hawkeye, but Robin. This is a role that Clint Barton takes up in the comics after he returned from the dead at a point.

5. Where is Nebula?

The last time we saw Nebula, she was with Tony Stark. This means that his heartbreaking message to Pepper and isolation raises some serious questions about Nebula.

She has always been a lone wolf and there’s anyway very less emotional connection between her and Tony Stark. Hence, it’s possible that she found a way out alone and left Stark to rot behind.

6. How does the world deal with ‘The Decimation’

This is a question that has been around since a while now. As we could see, Shuri was also seen missing in the trailer and it’s possible that she went underground in order to work in secret to protect Wakanda from the chaos outside.

The same goes for all supervillains, as with half of their jailers gone already, it’s worth wondering what are some of the most dangerous villains up to now. We are yet to see how the world deals with the aftermath of the Decimation.

7. Why is Cap in his Winter Soldier costume?

Steve Rogers appears in a costume that he wore in The Winter Soldier which means that he may have been back in good terms with the US government after the events of Infinity War.

Captain America tends to change his costume less frequently than other heroes and the fact that he’s back “means” something. His first costume change happens due to changing time periods while his next change happened when he went into active duty with a special branch of the military. It most likely means that the government has realised that Thanos’ attack is the bigger fish to fry than the Sokovia Accords.

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