7 Reasons Man of Steel Is Still The Best Superhero Origin Story

Audiences waited to witness the iconic appearance of an amazing character before the relaunch of the Superman film franchise in 2013. Most people consider Man of Steel as the best superhero origin story to date. The adaptation of Superman’s character was fresh but there were mixed reactions about the reception of the movie. 

The finale was controversial and according to some critics, the tone didn’t have the previous vigor. On the other hand, some audiences appreciated the re-imagination of the story of the iconic and unforgettable Hero. But despite criticisms, here are 7 reasons Man of Steel is still the best superhero origin story. Let’s take a look.

Character-Driven Storyline

Action is usually the driving factor in any superhero movie. However, when it comes to Man of Steel, the story seems to be more character-driven. Superman’s humanity is the main story arc. Before the arrival of Zod, it was hard for him to play the role of the protector of the earth considering the massive bullying and isolation he suffered due to him being different from the norm.

Interesting Discussions

Right after the release of Man of Steel, fans compared it to Marvel. This ignited engaging discourse and interesting conversations. It was worth pointing out that Superman must realize how many lives got endangered because of his battle with Zod. 

The Reinvention of Classic Characters

Not only did Man of Steel modernize Superman’s looks, but it also created reinvented versions of the supporting cast. Giving rise to modern incarnations of other important characters besides Superman, the transformation was remarkable. For instance, Lex was originally a renegade mad scientist. Man of Steel transformed him into an egotistical businessman. Lois Lane seemed more resilient as compared to the previous incarnation. In Man of Steel, we see her rocking the role of an independent working woman.

Amazing First Flight

Man of Steel shows fans the most amazing Superman’s flight with a balance between restraint and thrill. It was exciting to watch him take up his ultimate lift-off after a few missteps. 

Break From Shared Universes

Considering how shared universes are getting more and more popularity, audiences felt that the self-contained storyline of Man of Steel was a much-needed break. It was nice to see 100% Superman with crystal clear motivations of all the main characters. Didn’t the singular focus feel like a much-needed breath of fresh air?

Meaningful Villain Storyline

Unlike most other movie villains, Zod isn’t pure evil. He is only doing what he is born to do, protecting Krypton no matter what. One of the most appealing sequences is his arrival on earth along with his whole crew. The alien invasion it invoked is remarkable.

The Excellent Opening Sequence of Krypton

The opening sequence of Krypton established the core conflicts, introduced main characters, and injected immediate stakes into the Man of Steel storyline. Casual viewers weren’t well versed with the existence of Krypton. The beyond amazing opening sequence is an excellent introduction to something exciting in Superman’s homeworld. Superman’s parents also got some more screen time in this movie.

Do you agree with the fact that Man of Steel is the best superhero origin story? Let us know in the comments below.

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