7 Things ‘MCU’ Gets Completely Wrong About ‘Asgard And Thor’

Since the very beginning, Marvel has never created strict page-to-screen translations. They do take a lot of liberties with the source material the movies are usually based on. Similarly, Thor’s character in the MCU isn’t among the most faithfully adapted one in the MCU. Marvel didn’t completely alter the origin story, but they did subtract and add elements to make him more appealing.

Today we will discuss 7 things MCU gets wrong about The God of Thunder and Asgard.

7. There are Ten Realms

The films do feature the Yggdrasill aka the World Tree, which supports the nine realms. However, the difference between the comic book and live-screen adaptation is that MCU excluded one particular realm: Heaven.

Recently, Marvel added a tenth Realm to Thor comics. It was separated by Odin due to its bloody past.

6. Thor is more powerful in the comics

Thor’s comic version is practically a god. He is the most powerful Avenger, both with and without his Mjolner. Now we’re not saying that he isn’t powerful in the comics. Of course, he is. But in the comics, he’s a bit more formidable.

He once pushed over Galactus and even knocked out the Phoenix Force in the comics.

5. Jane Foster isn’t a scientist

In the comics, she was a doctor (or a nurse) while in the MCU, she appears as an intelligent scientist, studying astrological anomalies.

This is understandable, given that Thor’s Donald Blake persona wasn’t present in the films as there wasn’t enough time to build up a character named Donald.

4. Hela can’t destroy Mjolner

The most dramatic scene of Thor: Ragnarok was when Hela destroyed the Mjolner. It was after that scene, things got scarier for everyone.

This scene is really powerful as it reflects Hela’s powers. However, her MCU version is much more powerful than the comics. There have been many characters who have destroyed or cracked the Mjolner but Hela isn’t one of them.

3. Thor’s Many Siblings

Thor: Ragnarok introduced Hela, Thor’s sister to the MCU storyline. Unlike Loki, who’s adopted, Hela is Thor’s blood sister. However, in the comics, Thor had no full siblings, although he had eight half-siblings.

Aside from Loki, most of Thor’s siblings aren’t well known except Angela, who was Odin and Frigga’s firstborn.

2. Hela isn’t Thor’s sister

In the comics, Hela wasn’t Odin’s daughter. In fact, she is Loki’s daughter.

In the Thor comics, Odin did not give Hela the rule only because he wanted her to stay away from Asgard. Hela never liked Thor and wanted control over Asgard simply because she’s evil. The film, however, provides depth to Hela’s character.

1. Thor loses an Arm (not an eye)

In MCU, Hela gouged Thor’s eye out. But in the comics, Malekith cut off his arm. Thor lost his arm in Ragnarok might have something to do with the death of Odin.

MCU right now needs a new Odin, so apparently Thor has picked up the role by making his appearance similar to his father.

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