7 Things ‘Totally Wrong’ With CW’s Arrow That Fans Simply Ignore

CW’s Arrowverse has only grown bigger and better in the past few years. Arrow debuted in 2012 and it spawned an entire connected DC universe of superheroes which have somehow managed to do better than the big screen DCEU adaptations.

Arrowverse is the creative vision of Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim along with some powerful performances by Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey and Emily Bett Richards. However, this doesn’t mean that Arrow is the most perfect show. It’s rather far from being perfect and today we will discuss 7 things totally wrong with Arrow that fans chose to ignore.

7. No Villain Can Top Deathstroke

Arrow has mostly failed with its villains, as the show seems to have peaked way back in the second season with Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke.

He was a former friend to Oliver and was an excellent villain. No Arrowverse villain has managed to match him until now although Adrian Chase and Ra’as Al Ghul came really close.

6. Crossover Episodes are better than the rest

The best thing about the Arrowverse is that the shows cross each other at least once in a season. And in a nutshell, Arrow episodes with more heroes like Barry Allen and Kara Danvers are more fun to watch than its usual episodes.

The same is reflected in the ratings of the show, which boasts higher viewership than any episode.

5. Everybody leaves Oliver

Everyone has left Oliver Queen at some point; literally everyone. And usually, it’s because of something he did. From his best friends to allies to his family, everyone has gotten fed up of him at least once.

Characters who have been around since the inception like Felicity, John Diggle and Laurel have all abandoned him at some point.

4. Comics Enemies Get Sidelined

Two of the most powerful Green Arrow villain never received an impressive adaptation on the silver screen. Characters like Count Vertigo was just used as a glorified dealer or simply a sub-plot.

Moreover, Constantine Drakon, another Green Arrow rival only appeared in the pilot episode where he was disposed.

3. Malcolm’s Plan to Destroy the Glades never made sense

Malcolm Merlyn was a good villain but his evil scheme wasn’t really logical. He was so driven in the desire to seek revenge for his wife’s death that he trained alongside the League of Assassins and decided to use their tactics to take on the Glades.

On one hand, he believed that destroying the lives of thoProfessionalbenefit the Star City, while on the other hand, he acknowledged that he mostly wanted to seek vengeance.

2. Oliver’s Profesisonal Endeavours Fail Miserably

Conflict is what the television writers have to generate in their storylines, season after season. This means that nothing could go perfectly for our main man. While Oliver is a brilliant vigilante, he isn’t much in the professional world.

He has been a club owner and the CEO of his family’s company. He even tried being a politician, but he has failed himself again and again.

1. “Olicity” Romance Took Over The Show

Fans just wanted the romance between Oliver and Felicity and the writers gave them just that. However, it wasn’t enough for them to simply have Oliver and Felicity together.

The series has seen them breaking up and getting back together, time and time again. For now, the two are happily married but the enthusiasm for the couple has faded over time.

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