IF you guys are like us, music is manna dew to your ears. But our taste is not common and ordinary. We have a niche category. We don not listen to anything and everything under the sun. Our ear drums open up only to very specific symphonies. Music lovers love it when a movie chooses the perfect song for a scene. And when the characters sing the song way better than even the original artists who came up with it, it is icing on the cake.

Here’s a few songs that were sung better by the movie characters than the creators and artists who came up with it. These movie music covers are, according to us, better than the original versions.

Your Song – Moulin Rouge (Original Singer – Elton John)

Truth be told this movie music cover has a lot more soul than the one sung by Elton John. We know that it’s a very unpopular opinion. Bit come on!! Who knew Ewan McGregor had such a beautiful voice. Nicole Kidman also gives a stellar performance.

Somebody To Love – Happy Feet (Originally Sung by Queen)

Somebody To Love is a song which is just so coverable. We never knew Brittany Murphy could do the Queen song this much justice. Her vocals are off the charts on this one. The song is also played at the most perfect time imaginable in the movie. It makes it all the more likable.

Help! – Yesterday (Originally Sung by the Beatles)

Himesh Patel knows he is just covering original block busters from the Beatles. But it is with “Help!” that he truly starts feeling the music. Yesterday is all about honoring the musical legends that were the Beatles.  This is where things start going up.

I Like To Move It – Madagascar (Originally Sung by Reel 2 Real)

This song is pretty much an earworm. Once you hear it, you can never un-hear it. It ages like fine wine. I Like To Love It from Madagascar grows on you. In the end, it is a very powerful cover and it catches up to you in no time.

Rocket Man – Rocketman (Original Singer – Elton John)

Taron Egerton is a gem. The way he carried himself in the movie, playing the titular character of Elton John is utterly breathtaking. Even more incredible is the fact that he lent his voice for the eponymous sound track. The scene is emotional, heart braking, and done incredibly well.

Roxanne – Moulin Rouge (Originally Sung by the Police)

The music is in perfect sync with the dark and erotic tone of the movie sequence. The song intercuts with Christian Darkly wailing over Satine’s choice. It’s just so sublime!!

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Rock of Ages (Originally by Journey)

While not the best musical movie to have been ever made, Rock of Ages is a fun and silly adventure. And that is why we like it. We never knew any cover track of Journey’s most famous song could manage to beat it. Rock of Ages proved us all wrong.

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