7 Times Supervillains Became Heroes

Superhero comics are usually identified through an array or pretty obvious signs: secret identities and costumes. But one element that will always be present is the dichotomy between villain and hero. Those that operate on the side of good and those who work on the opposite, as we call them, ‘supervillains’.

Supervillains Turned Heroes

They’re a constant in the genre, but there are times where tables have turned. Supervillains have also dabbled in super heroics on occasions. So today, we will go through the 7 best times Supervillains switched sides:

7. Deathstroke: DC Rebirth

Supervillans Turned Heroes

Deathstroke is someone known as ‘The Terminator’. He probably isn’t the first villain you’d think who’d switch sides. He tormented Teen Titans and he can go toe-to-toe with the best in the DCU.

However, during DC Rebirth Slade tried to atone for his past sins and created his own new team, which also had Kid Flash.

6. Joker: Dark Nights Metal

Supervillans Turned Heroes

Joker is one of the sickest and twisted supervillains in the comic book world. For readers, this “a lot” came in 2018’s Dark Nights Metal, written by Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder.

In an alternate reality, there exists many horrifying versions of Batman, each with their own powers and backstory. Out of all, most horrifying is the Batman Who Laughs, a version corrupted by The Joker to bring the universe under his control.

5. Emma Frost: New X-Men

Supervillans Turned Heroes
Emma Frost

While Emma Frost may have made a struggle to make a switch from evil to good, she’s added much bite to the X-Men bark. She provides a pragmatic perspective to counteract Professor Xavier’s ideological blustering.

She’s not liked by her teammates but she’s an effective hero. She has always worked best while working with best intentions. She became a pivotal member of the team back during the new X-Men.

4. Black Widow-The Avengers

Supervillans Turned Heroes
Black Widow

There was a time when Black Widow was an enemy to the Avengers as an agent of the USSR. Most of her solo series draw attention from her time as an assassin. Although the world has deemed her past crimes, owing to the fact that she’s an important asset to The Avengers, there was a time when she even went against Iron Man.

Natasha Romanoff first reached US in Tales of Suspense #52. She even recruited Hawkeye to fight with her. Both went on to become Avengers, but both have had their fair share of misdeeds.

3. Lex Luthor: Final Crisis

Supervillans Turned Heroes
Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is a smart supervillain and an arch-nemesis to Superman. So, why did he decide to team up with Superman in Final Crisis?

The answer is simple: In Final Crisis, Darkseid acquired the Anti-Life Equation and cosmic vampires and threatened to destroy universe. Lex Luthor was obviously of having a Universe to exploit. This is why he became a mole within the Secret Society to thwart Darkseid once and for all.

2. Doctor Doom: Iron Man

Supervillans Turned Heroes
Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom also has had his fair shares of opportunities. Although, we all know Doom is a pure supervillain but yet, he does have a soft spot.

He has teamed up with Doctor Strange to save his mother’s soul from Mephisto in Hell. He even shook hands with the Fantastic Four once. When Tony Stark got defeated by Captain Marvel, Doom became a new version of Iron Man. God, this guy certainly does have a soft spot.

1. Catwoman

Supervillans Turned Heroes

Catwoman started as a Batman villain, but today Selina Kyle is a member of the Bat family. Although her wedding with Batman foiled, her relationship with him has been fairly strong.

But she is much more than this. She’s been a member of Gotham City Sirens and has also had some solo books.

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