“Death is a part of life…but it’s an even bigger part of television.”

TV has consistently been the visual medium that we welcome into our homes, first utilizing electromagnetic waves on TV locales and eventually over the Internet on a wide variety of gadgets. That, and most Television shows’ serialized nature, makes a sort of closeness with the characters we welcome in. So obviously, Television programs like to reimburse that favor by executing a portion of our top picks. Obviously, there is no more productive television professional killer than the Game of Thrones. So with Thrones set to murder off roughly 9 billion, a more tremendous amount of our dear companions Battle of Winterfell, how about we honor the individuals who have fallen effectively, Game of Thrones and throughout television history. We realize we don’t know our favorite TV characters, as in genuinely know them, however some way or another, we can, in any case, emit tears and seizures when they’re detracted from us. What’s more, there’s an extraordinary kind of trouble saved for the second a cherished minor screen character kicks the bucket. Indeed, we’ll see the entertainer or entertainer again in a matter of seconds, yet never again will they convey a clever joke, shriveling blow, or giggle their contagious laugh. In any event, until the reruns. Few out of every odd television character’s demise will leave a gap in your life, however. Nor will it cause you to feel like you’ve lost a very close and personal friend.

7. On The 100, when Clarke shot Bellamy in the fourth-to-last episode:


6. On Torchwood, when Ianto died in Jack’s arms in the last few episodes:


5. On The Originals, when Hayley died protecting Hope:


4. Also on The Originals, when Klaus and Elijah killed each other in the last moments, leaving Hope with no family left:


3. On Game of Thrones, when Theon died defending Bran after going through arguably the worst treatment in the series:


2. On Desperate Housewives, when Mike was shot in front of Susan:


1. On The League, when Sofia died suddenly after plastic surgery went wrong:

So yes, these are the 7 TV Characters Whose Deaths Were 100% Useless. Well, these were really some useless deaths. What do you guys want to say about these death? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below…for more freshly brewed content, keep on reading Animated Times, the World’s Top Destination For Pop culture, Movie & TV Shows, and more.

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