Even though the character adaptations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tend to stay faithful to the comic franchise, certain things about Tony Stark’s character were changed for the big screen. Some of these changes were the reason Tony Stark’s character became the most popular superhero of all time.

Tony Stark was arguably the greatest character from The MCU franchise, played by Robert Downey JR. His performance as The Ironman revitalized his career and carved his name as one of the greatest Hollywood superstars.
In the comic books, He is undeniably a hero, but his personality is rough enough that saving multiple lives is not enough to get people to like him. This is our list of the 7 Ways MCU Changed Tony Stark’s Character From The Comic Book Counterpart:

1. His relationship with Pepper

7 Ways MCU Changed Tony Stark's Character From The Comic Book Counterpart
Tony Stark’s Relationship With Pepper Potts

In the film, Pepper is the reason why Tony attempts to improve his life, and their relationship and eventual marriage is a central theme throughout the Marvel films. In the comics, however, pepper was dating Tony’s bodyguard Happy Hogan and eventually married him. Pepper and Tony only dated for a brief time in the comics.

2. Removin
g the Arc Reactor

In the film series, Tony removed the Arc Reactor in Iron Man 3 after surgery, removing the metal fragments in his heart. This allowed Tony not to be defined by Iron Man. In the comics, however, Tony and Iron Man basically merged, and this was the central theme of the character for decades.

3. Mentoring Peter Parker


7 Ways MCU Changed Tony Stark's Character From The Comic Book Counterpart
Tony Stark Mentoring Peter Parker

When Spiderman was first introduced in Captain America Civil War, the Directors decided to make Tony Peter Parker’s mentor, advising him and pushing him to be more than the technology he wears. This planted the seed of fatherhood and pushed Stark to care about someone other than Pepper and himself

4. Not making him the Director of Shield:

A big plot point in comics was that Tony became the Director of Shield. It made sense as he was the weapons manufacturer and hero after the events of the Civil War. In the films, however, Tony never took control of Shield management.

5. Toning down his Evil side:

In the comics, Tony bounces from being a villain and a hero from time to time, Having no emotional consequences from fighting his friends in the Civil War. In the Films, however, he is much more compassionate and understanding. He tries to find the best solutions and is bothered when people are in danger. He is still rough around the edges but still much softer than the comics.

6. Dealing with his Alcoholism :

7 Ways MCU Changed Tony Stark's Character From The Comic Book Counterpart
Tony Stark’s Alcoholism

A big aspect of Tony’s character was his Alcoholism, fueled by his having to live with the Arc Reactor, his horrible relationship with his father, and the fact that many people were killed by the weapons he manufactured. In Iron Man 2, they showed Tony’s Alcoholism, but he could control it rather than drinking his life away.

7. His Death

In the comics, Tony is still alive and well; however, in the film series, Tony died in the war with Thanos. Although this was expected as film contracts expire in real life, his death was still a huge loss for the MCU. Many fans adored Tony Stark, a character that essentially started the MCU. So to see him die, even though heroically, is a huge loss for the franchise. 

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