7 Ways The Snyder Cut Could Start a New DCEU

Questions abound about the implication of the Snyder Cut. Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League is set to hit HBO Max next year, but what exactly does this version mean for the rest of the DCEU? Below, What Culture have suggested seven ways the Snyder Cut could birth a new strand of the DCEU.

1. Green Lantern

Snyder Cut
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Ever since Ryan Reynold’s attempt at a Green Lantern movie, a DCEU revamp has kinda been stuck in development. The Joss Whedon version of Justice League did actually feature an appearance by a Green Lantern, but Snyder has confirmed his cut would’ve had them play a more important role. The Snyder Cut is rumoured to end with a Green Lantern arriving on Earth with a warning. If this were to be the case, maybe HBO Max could become the perfect home for the Green Lanterns – a Green Lantern Corps series, perhaps?

2. Cyborg Movie

Snyder Cut
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Similarly, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg was set to play a much more integral role in the Justice League film. He’s mentioned several times that most of Cyborg’s storylines were cut to keep the strict two-hour runtime. If the Snyder Cut gives Cyborg his due, perhaps there will be renewed interest in the character. A solo movie for Cyborg was on the cards originally, but that might come back to the forefront if the Snyder Cut is successful.

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3. Batman vs Deathstroke

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As unlikely as it is that Ben Affleck will ever return as Batman, Justice League left us with a huge set-up. The post credits tease saw Deathstroke and Lex Luthor looking to form the Legion of Doom. Snyder’s version saw Luthor hiring Deathstroke to assassinate Batman – this will undoubtedly be the scene we get at the end of the Snyder Cut. Perhaps, Affleck can be lured back for a one-off to stop this scene going to waste.

4. Man of Steel 2

Snyder Cut
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Henry Cavill is not done playing Superman and still has yet to earn a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel. Similar to Cyborg, perhaps renewed interest in the Snyder Cut will convince Warner Bros to fast track this long-awaited sequel and give Cavill a Superman story that he really deserves.

5. Justice League 2

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Now, I don’t necessarily mean a big screen offering, but it’s not impossible. Perhaps HBO Max’s biggest gain is the fact they can continue working with Zack Snyder to produce DC content. The Snyder Cut is supposed to be split up into a miniseries and, if that’s the case, a sequel minseries completing his storyline would be worth the wait. And the budget.

Beyond this, Snyder could craft his own DC universe, telling stories in big four-to-six episode chunks.

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6. Flashpoint

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People have their fingers crossed for The Flash movie. If done right, it could cancel out a lot of the DCEU’s problems and effectively give it a fresh start. As well as bringing in Michael Keaton’s Batman, the Flash is set to open up the DC’s Multiverse. Presumably, this will be done by his travelling back in time. Interestingly, Snyder has said the Flash utilises this exact time travel ability in the Snyder Cut, in order to help win the team’s final battle.

7. Darkseid

Snyder Cut
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Darkseid was one of the biggest causalities of Whedon’s version of Justice League. Instead, Darkseid’s lieutenant, Steppenwolf, became the main foe. Snyder clearly isn’t done here, with the first teaser for the Snyder Cut directly referencing Darkseid’s appearance. With Darkseid making his debut next year, it could be a perfect introduction for him to appear in future movies.

Source: What Culture

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