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7 ‘Weapons’ That Can TAKE DOWN ‘The Incredible Hulk’

When it comes to powerful hitters in the Marvel Universe, there aren’t many as powerful as The Incredible Hulk. As any fan of MCU or comics, he will tell you that there’s hardly any doubt about the power of the angry green giant. While many argue that there isn’t a single being in the Marvel Universe powerful enough to take down Hulk, several characters have found a way to take down Hulk.

But this list would look at the weapons, devices and magical artefacts used by people to slay the Hulk. Marvel has a huge array of devices but there aren’t truly many which can keep the Hulk down for long. So today we will discuss 7 weapons that can destroy The Hulk.

7. Mjolnir

Mjolnir is a well-known and powerful weapon in the MCU. Nobody but Thor can lift it. Over the years, Thor and Hulk have gone against each other on several occasions and although Thor can stand on his own against Hulk with or without the hammer, the Mjolnir certainly gives him an advantage.

The Magic properties of the hammer allow Thor to go up against the Hulk. He can also beat him up using it and can even leave it on him forever.

6. All-Black The Necrosword

This is a weapon designed to slay a god. It was wielded by Gorr the God Butcher who disliked all Gods and made it a mission to end them.

Every time a god is slain by this sword, it grows in power. Even Galactus is scared of it while Hulk isn’t even a god and he would certainly fall was it used against him.

5. The Power Cosmic

This item is a bit more abstract than others in this list. The Power Cosmic is a defined ability in Galactus that enables him to do pretty much anything unimaginable. It’s a god-power he can use to create things and destroy whatever he wants.

The Silver Surfer is the most popular recipient of the Power Cosmic in the Marvel Universe. There have been many occasions when Silver Surfer has used it against The Hulk, even knocking him unconscious on one occasion.

4. Infinity Gauntlet

The abilities of Infinity Gauntlet, as we all know, are unmatched by anything else we have seen till date. It was infamously used by Thanos at the end of Infinity War which resulted in the Decimation of half of the universe.

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The Gauntlet functions in a similar way in the comics. It used against Hulk directly, he could be transported to the end of the universe or simply turned into anything. There’s no real defence against it.

3. The Ultimate Nullifier

This is a device found on Galactus’ vessel which used to stop Galactus from consuming Earth. It was wielded by Reed Richards against Galactus, the World Devourer recoiled in fear as it’s the only device capable of taking him down.

This device can nullify the existence of anything, anywhere. If it’s wielded by a powerful minded character against Hulk, he could simply be removed from existence.

2. The Heart Of Universe

This is the most powerful weapon in the whole Marvel Universe and instead of granting the wielder power like Infinity Gauntlet, it turns the wielder into power by granting them powers of the Supreme Being of Marvel.

It turns the wielded into a God and whosever wields it becomes all energy and matter in the universe. However, defeating the Hulk using this is nothing more than a thought.

1. Myocardial Infarction

The Hulk can be done with a heart attack. In Hulk: The End, we see The Hulk living as the last person on Earth inhabited by giant radioactive cockroaches and a destroyed civilisation. The only other person who’s alive is Bruce Banner who has grown old within The Hulk. This version of Hulk is seemingly immortal, but Banner is another story.

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In the end, Banner suffers a Myocardial infarction which isn’t lethal to The Hulk but it suggests that if Hulk ever turns back to Banner, he will meet his end.

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