8 Best Movies & Trailers Released In San Diego Comic-Con 2018

San Diego Comic Con looked promising and well, it did deliver us the goods. Fans were treated to numerous trailers from various franchises though Marvel’s absence came out as a disappointment for all Marvel fans.
We saw trailers of a lot of new franchises as well as the comic book universes building on forward in both film and television departments. So all of this being said, let’s hop in to the top 8 trailers from SDCC ’18.

8. It’s dawn of the mutants

The three minute trailer of Fox’s The Gifted gave us an insight of mutants who are now more than prepared to face their enemies. We saw Polaris who’s probably in a villainous role, similar to Magneto and it also shows the Struckers fighting to bring Ancy back to light.
Season 2 promises more with atom’s children hitting back and the introduction to the Morlocks along with Thunderbird and Blink would certainly add some flavour to the series.

7. The Titans Blew Everything off

The Titans trailer was one of the best with Dick Grayson as Robin stood out being super violent and even saying “Fuck Batman”, which definitely took everyone with surprise. Raven aka Rachel Roth is also there who is shown as a lady possessed with darkness. Oh wait, strange darkness.
There’s also Garfield Logan in action along with the presence of Starfire and Beast Boy. The trailer also hints briefly at the presence of Trigon in the series.

6. The Flash Family has a new speedster

The first trailer of Season 5 introduced us all to Barry Allen along Nora West-Allen who’s Iris West’s daughter. She’s also a speedster displaced in time as she admits making a massive mistake. We’re guessing that this mystery would be swooping along in the first half of the series and we also got to see the Scarlett Speedster.
A new villain named Cicada has been teased who in comics, is a non-speedster with a mystical dagger which he wants to use to harness Allen’s powers obviously for bad reasons. This trailer left us amazed more than Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl or Arrow though all of them were cool too. Maybe.

5. Mr. Glass is ready to break you

M. Night Shyamalan’s trailer of Glass and we’ll see Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson along with James McAvoy. The cast looks more than promising.
The clip released connected us with Unbreakable and Split by Shyamalan and in a way, it manages to paint a letter to comic books as he poises to reveal the existence of these beings to the world.
We won’t tell you much about this but please, go and watch the trailer, already!

4. Young Justice: Outsiders Shifts and Status Quo

We want the season of Young Justice because everyone loves it! The trailer released focuses on Artemis struggling in wake of Wally’s death and shows Nightwing, Superboy and Black Lightning probing into a meta human trafficking ring. The animation is good, just like always and the season looks full potential.
And well, we also see Vandal Savage and Darkseid as well as some new faces like Orion and Forager. With Bane also present, we can’t wait to watch him go one on one with Batman. Just hope they have that in it. Just once, please?

3. The Aquaman is ready for the throne

The trailer has set the expectations high and the adventure looks promising. But that shouldn’t be exciting because that’s the case with most DC movies where the trailer looks convincing but the movie never fails to disappoint.
Okay, so the trailer shows Arthur Curry talking to fish as a kid to growing up to an adult finding himself torn between situations where he doesn’t want the throne of Atlantis. Mera is joined by Aquaman and he fights against Orm who wants to unite the seven seas and destroy the surface world. Quite evil, I must add. Oh, and good news, there’s Black Manta too. You’re still here? Go watch it. Oh, wait finish this article first.

2. Godzilla: King of Monsters

Just like the name, the trailer was monstrous. It took us to the time before mankind came into existence when Earth was ruled by creatures called Titans.
The video shows how Directir Micheal Dougherty has cleverly placed Godzilla, a seemingly friendly Mothra, a being known as Rodan along with a risen King Ghidorah and set them all on a collision course.
Well, it looks something different than just a huge giant dinosaur scaring humans or fighting its own counterpart and the scenes look great. There are human elements too and well, this collision will definitely change the planet forever. (Just like they say in every movie.)

1. Shazam

This was the best trailer I’ve seen in 2018 after Infinity War or maybe a couple of more films but that’s not the point; the point is that this DC film looks a remarkable blend of comedy and action. Zachary Levi plays the lead role of Shazam and Asher Angel plays his alter ego Billy Batson.
The jokes look funny and fresh and we could sense there’s a serious but less darker tone in the movie too. We see glimpses of Shazam, who’s an ancient magician and the villain, Dr. Sivana. In a nutshell, this movie looked like the most fun filled trailer in entire San Diego festival.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

Vasu Sharma is the Content Head at Animated Times, supervising the Editorial Board at Animated Times. He's 25 years old and has done his master's in journalism from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

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