8 Extremely Stupid Super-Powers (That Are Secretly Over-Powered)

Flying at high speed or having metallic claws popping out of your hands can definitely be considered as cool powers. But not every Comic character has a cool power; sometimes a character is given a weird power which is often passed off as a joke by the fans. But at times, even the silliest of powers can be overpowered easily.
So today we will tell you about 8 comic’s weirdest and wildest superpowers which might seem as a joke but are actually really overpowered.

8. Anarchist’s Acidic Sweat Corrosive Blasts

Imagine you’re running after criminals, fighting crime, it’s obvious that you’d sweat. While usually it’s smelly and causes chafing, sometimes it can be used in a fight too. Especially, if you’re a mutant who can convert acidic sweat to energy blasts. That’s what Anarchist, a former X-Statix member does.
He sweats like abnormal human being but his sweat is acidic in nature which burns anything that comes in contact with it. He can metabolise his acid sweat and produce energy blasts from his hands. Well, sounds like a nice superpower to me as long as he keeps sweating during the battle.

7. Spot’s Teleportation Spots

Spot isn’t even considered as one of the greatest villains to ever face Spider-Man. He looks ridiculous and has an equally ridiculous power. He doesn’t command respect and looks like an evil Dalmatian.
But he possess a power that’s really overpowered. He can stick his spots wherever possible and he can use those spots to travel from one point to another.
His body allows him to futz with anything that comes in contact with him. He’ll probably just move a spot in your way and end punching you in the face. Isn’t he really overpowered with a silly power?

6. Domino’s Luck

Deadpool said it right that having luck isn’t really a superpower. I mean, you can’t win a fight picking the right numbers, can you? We already saw her glimpse of her power in Deadpool 2 and trust me, it’s not as silly as it looks like. She can push the luck in her favour aiding herself and Deadpool and survives potential falls using her luck. She even once managed to shut down a nuclear reactor with a single shot; just by luck.

5. Matter-Eater’s ability to eat anything

Yes you can guess it already. He can eating any matter. He’s not happy with Dominos or Buritos, he can even hog on lead pipes. Even magma and steel girders. It’s a dumb power but it also happens to be OP.
Matter-Eater comes from Planet Bismol and can eat all matter just like other inhabitants of his planet. He has eaten a burning vehicle and even scarfed down laser beams. He can eat an atomic bomb and well can even push off a mountain of TNT’s in a brisk.

4. Big Bertha’s ability to go big size

While Avengers are regarded as the greatest of all, The Great Lakes Avengers aren’t. They are mostly concerned with petty issues like rent and are seen as a joke. But one member out of all, does have some potential.
Bertha Crawford has the ability to mass up her body and can even go on to become a supermodel to a monster. She can even leap quickly like Hulk and can enlarge particular parts of her body like a punch during a fight. Well this is certainly one OP ability.

3. Animal-Vegetable Mineral Man

If you think Matter-Eater was weird, meet this man. He can change any part of his body into any animal, vegetable or mineral. Sounds goofy but he is certainly overpowered. Here’s how.
Add Beast boy’s abilities with Poison Ivy’s and imagine one throwing plants at anyone like Metamorpho, you’ll get Animal-Vegetable Man. He can turn into a combination of all three too at the same time and if he uses his powers wisely, he can be very tough to beat.

2. Cypher’s ability to understand any language

Cypher has senselsss powers which are just dumb. He can understand any language which makes him equivalent of Google Trabslate. But if you look into it carefully, he can be extremely OP.
Understand it here, everything is a language. Computer code, body language, architecture; everything. He became a master of computers and a world class martial artist who defeated New Mutants single-handedly. He can become anyone from a chef to a soldier. Isn’t he an OP mutant?

1. Shooting Smaller Supermen

The Silver Age of comics was weird with Jimmy Olsen marrying an ape with Superman shooting smaller Supermen from his fingers.
During one of the storylines, Superman is stripped off his original powers and is left only with his power to shoot little Supermen from his fingers. While it might sound lame, those little Supermen had the same abilities as Superman. Imagine a lot of Supermen and I’m sure they don’t sound good if you’re a villain.

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