8 Plot Twists That Were So Ridiculously Unbelievable They Ruined People’s Favorite Shows

The plot turn may be a wonderful thing, or it may be the suffocating kiss of death in a TV show. When the screenwriter gets it right, it can breathe new life into a tired formula and catch even the most loyal fans off guard, but if they do it wrong, long-term fans will eventually feel alienated and eventually leave the show. For everything there A wonderful turning point, with some iconic ugliness, has been ridiculed by fans and non-fans since then. There are many reasons for these tortuous failures, but the main reason is that they are completely unreliable. Plot twists can accomplish or destroy TV shows. When they perform well, they will take the show to a whole new level. However, if they are bad, your audience will quickly lose interest. From the introduction of a surprising new character to the premature death of a famous character, the plot of the TV show does have some good and bad twists and turns. We are watching some ridiculous plot twists that completely ruin our favorite TV show.

8. Daenerys Targaryen’s “mad queen” arc on Game of Thrones:

“She lost everything to Jon Snow, and he pushed her away. Does this make her angry? These seven seasons are only concerned with people’s happiness, and the two episodes have changed.I thought she would sob and scream when Daenerys died, but I shook my head and turned off the TV. ”

7. The bomb at the end of Veronica Mars:

“I know it’s over now, but I think they are planning another season and I won’t watch it. “Irrelevant trauma.”

6. When Clarke killed Bellamy on The 100:

“The reason why I stopped watching The 100 was that Clark killed Bellamy four episodes before the end. It was inappropriate. I think I wasted seven years of my life. ” “This is unreasonable. It ruined my show. The fact that Clark was the one who killed him was a small choice made by the screenwriters and hurt the audience, who wanted them to be together in the end.

5. Oliver’s secret son on Arrow:

“I surrendered to the arrow after Oliver discovered that he had a son and then decided to hide him from his fiancé. I hate the secret turns of the children’s plot. They never end well. “

4. Amon’s sudden backstory reveal on The Legend of Korra:

“We first discovered that he was Tarrlock’s brother. This distortion does not work because there is no structure in the revelation. Then we discovered that Amon bends blood (an advanced form of water bending) to eliminate one’s ability to bend. This announcement, once again, had no backlog.When I found out that the show was going to open for another season, I didn’t watch it. “A lot of potential was squandered.”

3. When Elena was knocked into an enchanted sleep for the final two seasons of The Vampire Diaries:

“I just feel that if the protagonist, the person who focused on the show, dies, they don’t have to continue to extend it. “He just turned into a bunch of hot garbage.”

2. Castiel’s heavenly promotion on Supernatural:

“Castiel, like Season 7, became a supernatural.” I never watched it again after that. I really liked the Monster of the Week format. I think they made things too complicated by introducing angels and gods. ”

1. The alternative timeline where the plane never crashed on Lost:

“The’ sideways season’ of Lost is so perplexing.”

So, yes, these are the 8 Plot Twists That Were So Ridiculously Unbelievable They Ruined People’s Favorite Shows. What can I say? Such amazing shows are ruined by their ridiculous plot twists. Thus, we at the Animated Times want fans to have a look at these amazing shows with such ridiculously unbelievable plot twists. So what do you people want to say about these plot twists on the list? Do feel free to tell us your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. For the time being, keep reading Animated Times, the perfect place to get a closer look at the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll have you covered. So, guys, keep reading the animations for more information.

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