8 Reasons The Dark Knight Will Always Be A Notch Above All Superhero Movies

The Dark Knight probably changed the way even the non-DC fans looked at Batman. It was probably the biggest movie to happen to the superhero for years.  It successfully changed the superhero genre for all and even influenced the movies that followed.

Christopher Nolan did a spectacular job with the entire trilogy and there’s no debate when it comes to that. And now with the new “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson, the debate about which is better just gets better. It was probably the biggest movie to happen to the superhero for years.es have increased as to who did a better job! But the Dark Knight film surpasses the other superhero films and is just the best out there. Here are a few reasons as to what makes the Dark Knight the best among others.

1. Hands Down The Best Joker

Dark Knight Is The best Superhero movie
A still from Dark Knight

Heath Ledger’s Joker undoubtedly hit the ball way far out of the park. There has been no Joker or any villain in the Batman movie history who can surpass Heath Ledger. Of course, there always will be arguments that Joaquin Phoenix has put up a better performance and it even won him awards (including an Oscar) but Heath’s performance is legendary! He had set an extremely high standard for Joker’s character.

2. Dark Knight Treated Us With A Great Villian Origin

What Makes Dark Knight Best Superhero Movie
Harvey Dent Becoming Two-Face

Well as we earlier discussed, Heath Ledger certainly did steal the show but we love how they could even put a perfect origin story for another villain without overshadowing either. Harvey Dent’s birth as Two-Face certainly focused on his tragic story. Once a hero became a victim and suffered from a mental breakdown after he lost his love and was physically scarred by the Joker.

3. Of Course Christian Bale Giving His Best

Dark Knight
Christian Bale in Dark Knight

We know Robert Pattinson was amazing, but Christian Bale’s portrayal as the Dark Knight was just next level. He also had to put in a lot of effort to get in that shape. It looked as if he had blended with the character beautifully and accurately represented a modern-era Batman those days.

4.  Important Message of Failure

Dar Knight Best Superhero Movie
A still from Dark Knight

Usually, superheroes are often portrayed as perfect. But everyone is imperfect, right? All of us make some mistakes and Batman is seen embarrassing those imperfections which other superheroes don’t do it well. The Dark Knight sees Batman as someone who can fail. Even Harvey and Gordon are shown to be imperfect.

5. One of the Best Directors!

Chris Nolan's Dark Knight is the best for a reason
Chris Nolan Guiding Bale

No offense to Matt Reeves, but Christopher Nolan really surpasses him. Nolan has worked on some great projects and that experience shows in the film. He is has been phenomenal with all his movies and we can’t wait to see more of his work!

6. The Dark Knight Faces Some Realistic Issues!

What makes Dark Knight the best film
A still from Dark Knight

We have seen superheroes facing some multiversal crises and these are some massive problems. They not only threaten human lives but also the universe. The Dark Knight however showcases very smaller problems. This is another reason why the film stands out and even the fact that Batman doesn’t possess any superhuman abilities, it makes it more enjoyable to see him deal with these “Smaller” and more realistic issues comparatively.

7. There’s a traumatic ending over a usually happy one

Harvey Dent Becoming Two Face in Dark Knight
Rise of the villain

Most of the movies we have seen usually have a happy ending. But this movie isn’t like that. We saw Rachel Dawes being murdered by the Joker and Harvey suffered from great psychological and physical wounds. This comes back during the climax and the movie ends on a bittersweet note.

8. Amazing Supporting Characters

We often see superhero movies revolving just around the superhero. There are many great supporting characters but they aren’t usually used to their full extent. They are just used as comic relief or give some information about the hero to us. But the Dark Knight doesn’t do that. They are an internal part of the story and have active roles.

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