8 Reasons Why Tom Hardy’s Bane (And Not Venom) Is His Best Superhero Movie Character

Tom Hardy has played many iconic characters. But in superhero movies, he is known for two legendary roles – Tom Hardy’s Bane and Venom. And here’s why Tom Hardy’s Bane will always be better.

Tom Hardy’s Bane Redeemed The Character’s Legacy After It’s Previous Live Action Iteration

Tom Hardy Helped Redeem The Character

While some would say that Batman & Robin is an underappreciated movie (no thanks to the Bat-Nipples), almost everyone agrees that the movie’s Bane was a far cry from the comic book version. Bane is not just a mindless muscle guy. He is just as cunning and brutal as batman, maybe even more. Tom Hardy’s Bane was an accurate representation of a villain infamous for breaking Batman.

Better Screen Presence

True Supervillain Vibes

Tom Hardy’s Venom gets all the limelight because he is the titular character in the movie. Some fans agree that Tom Hardy as Venom may look fun on screen but there’s still much work to be done. Many find Eddie Brock off-putting as a character. But Tom Hardy’s Bane takes the cake because despite being a villain, he ended up being the most memorable character in The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Hardy’s Bane Is More Layered & Fleshed Out

A Complex Character

Hardy’s Bane is not the first supervillain to have a backstory. But it is the way his arc is presented on screen that makes us relate to the character in more ways than one. In fact, he just might be the most layered and complicated character in the entire Dark Knight trilogy. On the contrary, Eddie Brock‘s back story is brutally simple. Bane’s premise and the reason he does what he does is not something you can take lightly. To put it simply, Tom Hardy’s Bane seems more driven with purpose.

Bane Stays True To The Comics

Comic Accurate

In Knightfall, Bane methodically and systematically dismantles Batman mentally and physically to the point the Caped Crusader easily loses to him. He shows how simple it is to take down the Dark Knight. Tom Hardy’s Bane, in the movie, uses a similar approach. he is faster, stronger, and smarter than Batman but he takes his sweet time to show Bruce Wayne how easily he can break his spirit if he wills it.

If Given a Choice, Majority Of the People Would Want Tom Hardy’s Bane To Return

Just Can’t get Enough

Tom Hardy had such an impact on the audience as Bane that he left fans wanting for way more than they had bargained for. By the time The Dark Knight Rises ended, Bane’s story had come to an end. But given the DCEU is also exploring the multiverse concept, anything is possible.

Better Dialogues

You Think Darkness Is Your Ally

Most of the dialogues of Bane are so quotable. they are deep, foreboding, and extremely thought provoking. Venom’s lines don’t even come close.

Tom Hardy’s Bane Is More Relatable

Bane In The Pit

His story of saving Talia Al Ghul and the eventual physical and mental trauma he faced was what drove him to ‘liberate’ Gotham City. People saw him as more than just a monster.

His Irrefutable Win Against Batman

I Smell Victory!

It’s not always when we see a supervillain score such a flawless victory against the protagonist. Bane showed how cunningly ferocious he can get if someone makes an enemy out of him. That fight in the sewers against Batman will go down as one of the Dark Knight’s darkest moments.

Tom Hardy’s Bane Made Bruce Wayne a Better Batman

A Worthy Enemy

A story is only as good as the villain. Bane’s actions forced Bruce Wayne to look for ways to better himself as the guardian angel of Gotham. Hardy’s Bane helped batman in ways we can never comprehend.

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