8 Things MCU Get Horribly Wrong About Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange has been present in the Marvel Universe since long now and all fans were excited for its Cinematic version. Other than being a wizard, Doctor Strange has been around since forever and has carried the weight of magical realism in Marvel on his shoulders since decades. The 2016 film Doctor Strange, however seemed too much jammed inside a suitcase with some over blown references and a flat arc with splashy villains. Today we will tell you about 8 things that MCU gets completely wrong with their onscreen version of Doctor Strange.

8. Kaecilius is nothing but a red herring.

Kaecilius did the job of being the main villain in the movie’s opening acts before Doctor Strange graduated on being Dormammu. Kaecilius illustrates to restore order to the universe using dark magic but gets destroyed as a one off. However, in the comics he is seen as a disciple of Baron Mordo than a rogue of Ancient One.

7. Dormammu comes out of absolutely nowhere

Just when Doctor Strange was getting ready, he suddenly had to face Dormammu. Now the fans here had never heard of Dormammu before and it just came out surprisingly.
We saw Doctor handling him cleverly but there was nothing like it was the source of all dark magic. Dormammu, in the comics was the overlord of the Dark Dimension who likes eating sorcerers as breakfast. The movie just failed to capture this.

6. Numerous Notable Magical Objects Are Overlooked

We only get to see The eye of Agamotto, the cloak of levitation, sling ring and the dark sceptor. MCU should try in more magical objects like the Bell of Ikonn or the Atlantean Dreamwave. Or maybe the two gems that become one. It’s magic and nothing is impossible, after all.

5. Baron Mordo Origin Tampered

He is Doctor’s first friend and his primary ally and it’s only at the end of the movie that Mordo’s intentions may not be entirely pure. In the comics, the character descends from an European royalty and had worked with the Nazis. The movie storyline just showed it as a character where a big brother goes rogue.

4. Wong Backstory Shifted

Wong began at Kamar-Taj before he became Doctor’s trusted accomplice. Wong has an interesting backstory where he comes from a long line of servants of mystic arts who have devoted their lives to the Sorcerer Supreme.
Ancient One matched him with Doctor Strange and Wong proved as a loyal friend to the Doctor.

3. His True Power Is Downplayed

His powers are limitless and his body is receptive to more magical arts than anyone in the universe and with this, he can place himself above dimensions or any foe.
If Strange is progressing as a hero in the movie, his character needs to sketched in a better way. He was dissolved by Thanos in Infinity War but we all know how he can impact the MCU, if he comes back.

2. Cloak of levitation is a little too friendly

Since Marvel is owned by Disney, there was a certain Magical Carpet inspiration in the film by the Cloak Of Levitation that fans saw in the movie. However, it just looked really corny while in the comics, it’s a little more drab, far from functional but it came out well for a movie which lacked likeable characters except Doctor Strange.

1. Does he plan on founding the Defenders?

MCU got his ability to move forward absolutely wrong and there’s a theory which says that Doctor Strange can pick up the torch from Iron Man on his shoulders to carry MCU forward in the next phase.
The writers might go on to form the Secret Defenders under Doctor Strange, a team which was loved by fans and is known as an all time fan favourite. Let’s hope for now that the writers push the character in a better way in the future.

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