8 Times The Dark Knight Became The Date Knight And Romanced His Own Villains

The Dark Knight is a ladies’ man! And it’s not shocking at all! He has the money, looks, lifestyle everything.  It’s safe enough to call The Dark Knight a billionaire playboy. So when he is romancing other heroes or common people, it is not a shocker. But apparently, he has had some serious romances with his own villains! Weird right? But considering his intense schedule and the fact that he spends more time with these villains than he does with others, it’s not really surprising!

Even Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson does show Catwoman played by Zoe Kravitz opposite him. Most of his relationships have ended on a bad note, but he has his way through women! Here are some of his relationships!

1. The Joker

The Dark Knight
The Joker

Don’t freak out. This happened in the Flashpoint timeline. Joe Chill ended up killing Bruce Wanye and that lead to Thomas becoming a deadly version of Batman. Martha on the other hand can’t handle her son’s death and beats Joe Chill to death with a hammer. Here she ends up becoming the Joker (Flashpoint’s). She even went on to kill Gordon.

2. Poison Ivy

DC’s Poison Ivy

She is cunning and seductive and along with her poison, she is dangerous. And if this wasn’t enough, Poison Ivy also uses her poison to use control the men. Even the Dark Knight couldn’t helo falling for her. She has been trying to seduce Batman since 1966. But she does have other important things to do too, like fighting for nature. She helped Gotham become greener but even made it “less man-made.”

3. Jillian Maxwell

The Dark Knight
Jillian Maxwell

The Dark Knight was attracted to Jillian Maxwell at the very beginning of his career. He met her at a costume party. But he then came to know about her criminal records. Apparently, she would seduce young and rich men and they kill them in such a way that it would look normal. Then she could claim all their wealth and move on to the next target. When Alfred told Bruce all of this, he was shattered. Even when Batman falls in love with a woman who seems to be ordinary, she ends up being evil.

4. Jezebel Jet

The Dark Knight
Jezebel Jet

She had a bit complicated relationship with the Dark Knight. She was a victim of the Black Glove and was placed on a wager. Jacob Nkele won her and she became his daughter. He was president of Mtamba and he killed her mother. This made her fume and she took away all his power and killed him. Jezebel ended up becoming the ruler. She met Bruce at a fundraiser and she realized that Bruce is Batman after some events. But at a point, she revealed her secret identity aka agent for the Black Glove.

5. Lina Muller

The Dark Knight
Lina Muller 

Also known as Sophia Santos, Lina is actually the leader of Death’s Head terrorist organization who was introduced back in Batman #305. They were responsible for the bombings taking place in Gotham. Sophia disguises herself as Lina to seduce the rich in Gotham. She makes them gamble away their money but of course, the Dark Knight wins at the end.

6. Talia Al Ghul

The Dark Knight's Romances
Talia Al Ghul

She is the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul and the heir of League of Assassins. She has been the Dark Knight’s love interest many times. They had a son Damian Wayne whom she kept a secret for years. Damian goes on to become the fifth Robin in the Batman Reborn Arc.

7. Nocturna

The Dark Knight's Romances

This villain made her debut in 1983. Natalia Knight aka Nocturna suffered from sensitivity to light much later and came across Batman when she was indulged in crime with her brother Anton. It didn’t take her much to get attracted to the Dark Knight.

8. Penumbra

The Dark Knight

Also known as Mio, Penumbra used to live near Shihan Matsuda’s residence. Bruce used to be his student and she ended up falling for him. He invited her to the monastery and he left a window open for her to get in. But it turned out that she was hired by Mrs. Matsuda to kill her husband and was an assassin. While fans thought she had died, it wasn’t so.

She later joined and worked under Ra’s al Ghul and started causing problems in Gotham!

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