8 ‘Unknown’ Super Powers of Drax The Destroyer We Bet You Had No Clue About!

Drax The Destroyer is still the most mystery character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No one has any idea how much power is within him.
Both the volumes of Guardians of the Galaxy is more about wit and intellect rather than of Superpowers. And then in Avengers: Infinity War, Drax really got the opportunity. He is more about the guns in all the three movies.

So what are the powers Drax holds? Is is just the strength? No. Here are the list of amazing powers you never knew about Drax.


Just imagine a flying Drax. What an amazing sight would it be1 And it could be possible if the MCU decides to inculcate this power in the cinemas. Being a Silver Age character, Drax has the power of flight and of zoom speed even in the space.


This is one of the recently introduced superpowers of Drax in the comics. It is not something special. It’s just that whenever he gets near Thanos his body starts to emit a Green Auro which amplifies his powers to God like levels. It was because of this power only that Drax was able to rip Thanos’ heart out. The power is completely involuntary.


In the Silver Age, Drax possessed the powers of telepathy and telemetry. He could smell Thanos coming from light years away. Not only this, he could communicate with his team just like Professor X by this telepathic powers. However, in the latest series, theese powers have been removed.


How could this be a super power? Well actually it is. Drax the Destroyer’s skin is even more sturdier than the Hulk’s. It is said to be the most durable skin in the entire comic verse. This was the reason Dave Bautista had to play Drax shirtless.


Manipulating the cosmic energies is not an ordinary power for a Marvel superhero. It is kind of special strengths of Silver Surfer and Vulcan. However, here is a secret addition to the list. Drax the Destroyer too had this ability to fire multiple energy blasts in his very first iteration.


Drax doesn’t need any water or food or even air for his survival. As we have already told his body is the durable af, he is adaptive to survive even in vacuum. This kind of makes him the “Ultimate Thanos killing machine.”


Drax just like the Hulk loses his temper and his powers amplifies with it. Before he was resurrected from death during Annihilation arc, Drax had this involuntary ability which increases his power with his rage. He has the mental thinking of a 12 year old which could be seen in the movies too.


This is a strength which comes in real handy while combating Thanos. Not only he could sense Thanos from far far away, develop the Green Aura around him but could also by his telepathy predict what Thanos is going to do next. He can also predict who is going to come in physical contact with his enemies.


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