New Versions of Main Superheroes for DC Comics?

The geek news world has been abuzz with a new rumor for the past few months. What is this rumor about? Our clues are 5G and DC Comics. Can’ Read on to find out details of these rumors.

5G initiative by DC Comics

5G initiative by DC
5G initiative by DC

According to a Bleeding Cool report, DC Comics will launch a publishing initiative called 5G in the coming year. The initiative will see its main superheroes replaced by their newer or next-gen versions. 5G refers to the fifth generation of DC superheroes. This initiative will see the DC heroes passing on their roles to younger ones. 5G’s expected launch is next summer and it will most probably roll through DC’s line.

A big step for the Comics Market

Big step for the Comics Market
A big step for the Comics Market

It has always been hard for Marvel and DC to introduce new characters as fans have had issues with attaching the brand new characters to existing brands. Looks like DC Comics devised a very neat trick by spinning a story on replacement heroes. It may help the fans accept the new characters.

Do you think the 5G initiative is a good idea? Should DC Comics go ahead with it? Let us know all your thoughts in connection with this topic in the comments section below!

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