‘A film where she’s naked for most of the time’: Fans Blast Razzies For Awarding 14 Year Old Brooke Shields ‘Worst Actress’ after Bombshell Documentary Revelations

Brooke Shields is in the headlines for making shocking revelations in her documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. Now her fans also recall her time at the 1981 Razzie Awards. As the new year 2023 begins, the Hollywood Awards season is in full swing. In contrast to Hollywood’s laudation of 2022’s best movies and performances, the Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as Razzie Awards or Razzies, aim to focus on the worst films and stars’ worst performances of the year. Unfortunately, this time Razzies came under fire as they nominated a female child actor in the Worst Actress category.

The Golden Raspberry Award (Razzie Award)
The Golden Raspberry Award (Razzie Award)

This is not the first time because the Golden Raspberry Awards has a long history of nominating child actors as part of their Worst Award categories. In fact, the Golden Raspberry Award’s first Worst Actress Award was given to a child actor in 1981 who was fourteen years old, Brooke Shields. There has been a backlash against the Razzie Awards from critics, celebrities, and fans for nominating a 12-year-old child actor for the Worst Actress Award title.

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Fans Slam The Razzie Awards For Awarding Worst Actress Title To 14-Year-Old Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields

As the final nominations are announced for the Razzie Awards 2023, fans are enraged at the idea of another child actor being nominated. After Brooke Shields‘ bombshell documentary blew up into the headlines, fans of the Pretty Baby star recalled her time receiving the Worst Actress Golden Raspberry Award (Razzie Award) in 1981 for her movie The Blue Lagoon (1980). The 57-year-old actress was a 14-year-old child when she received the award.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong
Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Now, the Razzie Awards have nominated 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong for the Worst Actress title for her movie Firestarter (2022). Fans took to Twitter to express their views about the news; many are angry and upset about the same.

A fan tweeted showing her anger,

The 1st razzies awarded worst actress to 14 y/o brooke shields for her role in blue lagoon, a film where she’s naked for most of the runtime. idk what the people behind the razzies think they’re achieving here.”

Here are some tweets from fans below:

Many celebrities, both winners and losers, have attended the awards ceremony over the years, making it a well-known and popular awards show. As a part of the entertainment culture, it is not a serious awards ceremony but a way to laugh or, more like, a punishment for the worst films of the year.

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Brooke Shields’s Shocking Revelations In Her Documentary

In a new documentary titled Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, the 57-year-old actress discusses being s*xually assaulted for the first time. Sundance Film Festival premiered her documentary last Friday. The young model made her modeling debut at the age of one and continued pursuing a full-time career. Although it may seem glamorous, she experienced several horrific experiences throughout her career.

Brooke Shields
The Blue Lagoon star

She revealed her many traumatic experiences in her career where many of her roles required her to almost go naked for them, such as in The Blue Lagoon, Pretty Baby, and Endless Love. In her documentary, Shields explained that the unwanted s**ual encounter occurred after she met with an unnamed Hollywood professional to discuss a film project.

Shields said,

“I thought it was a work meeting. I had met this person before, and he was always nice to me. After a meal, his behavior changed, and there was no talk about the movie.”

According to her, the person insisted that she book a cab from his hotel after going with him there. The actress claimed he then started assaulting her s**ually and she said,

“I go up to his hotel room, and he disappears for a while. It was like wrestling. I was afraid I would get choked out or something, I didn’t know. I played the scene out in my head, so I didn’t fight that much. … I just absolutely froze. I just thought, ‘Stay alive and get out.’”

“I just shut it out. And God knows I knew how to be dissociated from my body. I practiced that.”

She wasn’t sure if she would share this horrific incident in her documentary, but she found the courage to inspire people who are going through similar experiences. The Hulu streaming platform will premiere the two-part documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields later this year. Her documentary will cover every aspect of her career, including the traumatic experiences she went through during the early years of her acting and modeling career.

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Source: Twitter, ABC News

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