A Flash In Time

The Flash Season 6 will certainly feature a well-acquainted (but as usual, concealed) face. New set images from the collection’ Vancouver have emerged online, and also they spoil the return of the speedster bad guy referred to as Godspeed. 

The released pictures show a fight between Godspeed and Flash for Flash Season 6 but don’t give a hint of the capacity of the fight between them. But looking at their and the show’s history? Fans already have come up with theories on sites like Reddit and Tumblr, making their own plots up to guess what will be coming up next in one of their favourite shows.


We wish you “Godspeed”

The Flash Season 6 We wish you "Godspeed"

The supervillain who first appeared in the Season 5 episode “Godspeed,” revealed the backstory of Nora West-Allen, Barry Allen and Iris West’s daughter from the future is back in Flash Season 6, and we cannot wait to see how he’s involved.

The episode, primarily embedded in the year 2049, introduced Godspeed as a villain from this era. A different side of August Heart, Godspeed never fulfilled the Flash and also was instead beat by Nora by the end of the episode. This leaves the audience in suspense for what lies in the future and has created doubts amongst many die-hard fans about the plot that this season would be following.

Could Godspeed come to be the show’s best villain? We’re yet to learn about that, but the show hasn’t ever let us down and we still expect the best from it.


Will A Flash in time really save Nine?

Will A Flash in time really save Nine?

From previous seasons of the shows, we’ve noticed that the writers have had a knack for saving Barry Allen, the infamous Flash, at the very last moment. Fans of the show have had recent doubt about whether this may not be the case for Flash Season 6.

The Flash starring stars like Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet as well as Hartley Sawyer has been a cult favourite from Day One, and we expect this season to be no less enthralling than its predecessors.




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