The speedsters in the DC Universe paid the price to save the day. In the 1985 series, Barry Allen killed himself to smash the Antimatter. It destroyed the DC Multiverse remader. Two decades later, Wally West trapped a reluctant Superboy-Prime in the Speed Force. He trapped alongside his father to avoid the villain’s assault.

The Flash No 81 even risks himself for the greater good. The most unlikely character holds the title Fastest Man Alive: the villainous Zoom speedster, Hunter Zolomon.

The Flash Returned.

The Flash
The Flash has Returned

After a time in the far future, Zoom pointed out other Powers . The villain has returned. He manipulated Barry and Wally to weak the barriers. It has separated the Forces during last year’s “Flash War“. It absorbed the Speed Force to become the Fastest Man Alive.


Zoom fought with the Black Flash. It became the biggest disaster in Hunter’s existence. It led to his fall. The Criminal was triggered secretly by EobardThawne. It lowered Barry’s fear of the destruction. Dismissing the stunning revelation as a fib. Hunter was still within sight of a valiant redeeming. The Forever force’s chaos ravaged the world. Hunter also found that Flash prepared to play the necessary game of sacrifice.

Hunter was as fast as he could to be. He was desperately consumed by Speed Force. He then reinstate barriers between the Forces. While the Black Flash continued to hunt down Hunter. The misled speedster ultimately succeeds in restoring and capturing  forces.

The Flash Just Defeated DC’s ‘Avengers’ And ‘X-Men’ Alone


The Flash
Return of The Flash

Despite the evident re-establishment of barriers and the loss of the Black Flash, the sacrifice of Hunter has unexpectations. Hunter’s immediate was in action from the desperate action. This caused an inadequate response to all those linked to the Speed Force, including Barry and Wallace West, Wally’s New 52 incarnation. It was currently operating as Kid Flash and a Teen Titans member. Barry claims the restoration of obstacles impacting Barry and Wallace’s forces can damage or destroy the Speed Force.

The noble act of Redeem


Although this is Hunter’s noblest act of redeeming in the years. He was becoming the supervisory zoom. The sacrifice of Hunter might in the short term have done more harm than good. Wallace has confronted with the united Rogues. It has been recently strengthened by the all-powerful enhancements from Lex Luthor to Perpetua. The Rogues have, at their lowest point, brought Flash and Kid Flash in having their re-evolutionary efforts for the central city with the Fastest Man Alive. Many damaged because they are unable to use their skills to its full potential.


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