A Game of Lies: Ways Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Lied To Us

Like most recent Marvel films, Thor: Love and Thunder was also, in a way, plagued with rumors after anits initial announcement in the year 2019. When fans got treated with the first trailer, it went on to answer many questions even hinting at storylines fans were actually ready to see. However, now that the film has debuted in cinemas, it didn’t really meet the expectations of the fans that were raised by the trailer

The previews hid many core moments of the movie for the surprise element, which also makes a lot of sense. However, Waititi also suggested storylines that actually took place in the movie, like the Guardians teaming up or Thor’s potential new romance. Any MCU or Marvel fan who has seen the trailer after watching the movie is certainly going to notice these changes.

Valkyrie Wasn’t Around During The Battle In Indigarr

Love and Thunder

In the second trailer of the movie around the 50-second mark, there’s a potential scene where Valkyrie talks to Thor about how he feels for Jane. But in the next sequence, where Thor goes on denying those feelings, Valkyrie is next to Ravager Thor with the presence of the Indigarrian Sacred Temple right behind them.

In the movie, however, Valkyrie and Thor don’t battle each other until he arrives in New Asgard, which is years after he parted his ways with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This scene shown in the film’s trailer made the audiences believe that Valkyrie might have abandoned her position as King of Asgard.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Had Too Little Screen Time

Love and Thunder
Guardians of the Galaxy

At the end of Endgame, Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy, making fans eager to see Star-Lord’s hilarious alpha male dynamic with God of Thunder, especially when they had a really funny scene in the trailer.

As funny as it sounds. this clip covered the entire screen time of the Guardians in the film. While some fans did expect them to fight Gorr The God Butcher alongside Thor, the whole team left almost at the beginning to deal with yet another distress call in the universe. As a result of this, fans felt the team-up was one of the biggest missed opportunities in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor’s Golden Armor Seemed Like A Joke

Thor's Golden Armour
Thor’s Golden Armour

Both the initial teaser and the final trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder get the chance to play around too much with the aesthetic of Thor, and The God of Thunder ends up wearing half a dozen different comic-accurate outfits.

For example, the golden armor worn by Thor when he recognizes Jane for the first time during the fight comes right out of the comics. It also happens to be a reference to Walt Simonson’s run, so hardcore Marvel fans were quite excited to see it in live-action.

Jane’s Cancer Was Kept A Secret In Most of the Film

Thor 4
Jane Foster in Thor 4

Marvel fans who have read the comics know Jane’s cancer story arc is important to her development of character and also worthiness as the Mighty Thor. The fact that neither the movie’s trailer nor any teaser of the film revealed anything about her condition was highly disappointing, especially to those fans who loved The Mighty Thor storyline by Jason Aaron.

Obviously. it does make sense that the teaser trailer didn’t showcase or focus on this part, and it also ended up making the whole reveal more dramatic. However, as neither of the previews focused on Jane’s time as The Mighty Thor, fans were quite happy to see how Thor: Love and Thunder paid some special attention to her overall characterization. Jane’s time in the MCU might have been very short-lived, but the fandom still remains very hopeful about her eventual return.

The Trailer Didn’t Even Hint At Love’s Existence

At a point in the film, Thor convinces Gorr to go ahead to use his wish in the Eternity Realm to resurrect his dead daughter instead of taking the lives of gods, which he anyway does by the end of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Since the villain also dies due to the inevitable corruption of the Necrosword, Thor ends up with Gorr’s daughter as his ward, and together, they become Love and Thunder.

This happens to be certainly the most massive reveal in the film, so it makes a lot of sense for the trailer to not show it. While fans suspected Gorr’s family would appear in the film as part of his backstory, no one expected one of his children to become such an important character.


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