A Minor Character in Far From Home Proves To Be Far More Dangerous Than Expected

Far From Home provides connections to the greater MCU

Spider-Man: Far From Home connects itself cleverly to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Mysterio’s former links to Stark Industries are through some people who work with him. They all worked for Stark Industries, and all got fired for various reasons.  Each of them harbours resentment for Stark because of this.

Riva’s comeback in Far From Home

Riva reappears as one of the males hired by Quinten Beck.
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One of the most significant of them is William Riva. Riva appeared in the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2008’s Iron Man. By the end of Far From Home, he establishes himself as a dangerous character for the future of the MCU. Riva only had a quick look in the MCU before Far From Home. He’s the researcher that Stane chewed out for not being able to remake the arc activator into a smaller sized device. Stane told him Tony had constructed one “in a cavern, with a box of scraps!”  After his firing for this lack of ability, Riva reappears as one of the males hired by Quinten Beck. Beck wished to take over Tony Stark’s place as the most significant hero on the planet. He’s come to be the vital technical mind behind several Mysterio’s actions. He assists in the technology that maintains the legion of Stark drones hidden from view. He is also accountable for the holograms that help Beck to conjure up the image of a superhero. 


Riva’s possibility of growing into a dangerous villain

Riva's possibility of growing into a dangerous villain
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It’s most likely that Riva released video footage that implicated Spider-Man as the one that killed Mysterio. It also implied Spider-Man as the one who tried to assault London with drones. If this holds, that means Riva is the genuine individual responsible for exposing Spider-Man’s identity. A researcher who was in the MCU for one scene before Far From Home may have done more damage to Peter Parker’s life than any one of his villains.


Also past that, there’s a chance that Riva might verify to be much more dangerous down the line. Riva had accessibility to the Stark drone legion, which was not destroyed or decommissioned by the end of the film. If so, he might use it again down the line to assault any type of city at an impulse. He additionally has experience working with Beck’s hologram innovation. He also, at the very least, has an understanding of how Tony Stark’s arc reactor innovation runs. This is beginning to appear much less like a random researcher from the history of the MCU and also more as a real supervillain planned.


Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently playing in theatres.

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