A new addition to the cast of Venom 2: The Irishman’s Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham is mostly known for his stunning performance while playing Al Capone on Boardwalk Empire. But out of all his accolades, his current performance excellence in The Irishman is bringing him all the glory and fame.

The first part of Venom grossed about a whopping 855 million dollars in the global box office. The sequel to this grand success has already boarded in Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris among other notable actors along with Gramham to match up to the heightened expectations from the audience and fandom.

Venom is set to be star-studded in every sense possible. It is rumored that Venom 2 will have Marvel’s Shriek thereby hinting at a possible “Maximum Carnage”.

Keeping all rumors aside, all we can do it hold our breaths till October 2020 to give way to all our speculations and intelligent guesses.

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