New Member of the Super-Team

Dear fans of the Justice League, a wonderful surprise awaits you. Read on to find out all about it. A word of caution beforehand – the article underneath contains spoilers for Justice League #33.

Justice League 33
Justice League #33

Justice/Doom War

Justice/Doom War
Justice/Doom War

DC Universe is currently witnessing the Justice/Doom War. Lex Luthor and his Legion are striving to tip the cosmic scales towards Doom, while the Justice League is trying to find a piece of Totality in the past and future to defeat Perpetua, the villainous Mother of the Multiverse. So far, the supervillains have seen more success than the heroes. The Justice League is now receiving reinforcement from unforeseen allies. Aquaman has come back to help, while the Anti-Monitor has chosen the side of Justice, and will fight with his brothers the Monitor and the World Forger.

A new member to join the Justice League

Ultra monitor
Ultra monitor

The reinforcements are now getting stronger with a new extremely powerful ally. The latest member of the super-team is the most powerful god imaginable. When the Anti-Monitor surprisingly chose to fight for Justice, Starman gave him and his brothers a power boost. He gave them whatever energies of the Totality he possessed and with that the brothers become so powerful that it gives rise to a new entity altogether. The new entity, The Ultra Monitor, is a Dragonball-like fusion of the three characters. The Ultra Monitor has an appearance similar to the Monitor, modified versions of the armor of the Anti-Monitor and the hammer of the World Forger. This new entity powered by the Totality has a capable rival only in Perpetua. Perpetua has become weak due to her power expenditures and reawakening.

The two most powerful forces have begun a battle for the fate of the Multiverse, and the entire cosmos are quaking.
Are you excited to witness the creation of the Ultra Monitor? Grab your copy of Justice League #33 to see how the events unfold. Tell us in the comment section about your opinion of the Ultra Monitor.

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