A New Series Revolving around Green Hornet will Mark his 10th Anniversary in Dynamite!!!

A new series of Dynamite has been launched, and it has something exciting to offer to its fans. The Dynamite is all set to celebrate its 10th anniversary. In connection with its 10th anniversary, it is all set to dedicate the same to one of its oldest characters Green Hornet in its Dynamite series. The comeback of Green Hornet will mark the start of their 10th anniversary.

The great contribution by Green Hornet

The Green Hornet to mark the 10th anniversary of Dynamite
A still from Green Hornet

Green Hornet is considered to be the best hero of the Dynamite series. In the new series, the role of Green Hornet will be to protect an alien baby and keep it safe and secure. The makers of Dynamite seem to be way excited to bring in back the Green Hornet. Green Hornet might soon emerge to be the best comic series of all time. Dynamite has also come up with new and improved cover art for Issue #1.

The Shades of Character

Some heroes from Dynamite
Dynamite heroes

The shades of the character Green Hornet is said to be a combined effort on parts of both Lobdell and Kevin Smith. The ideas of these two creators have led to the designing of the character Green Hornet. The series Green Hornet #1 is all set to hit the market by the month of June from Dynamite Entertainment.

The famous writer behind the character Green Hornet

Scott Lodbell the creator Dynamite characters
The writer Scott Lodbell.

Scott Lobdell and Anthony Marques have brought the new series of Dynamite. The entire team seems to work for a long time to bring in this character. The story of Green Hornet in the new series will be profoundly different, and something great to look forward to. People are surely going to love this new version of Green Hornet since the character has a lot to offer in the new series.
This new book is set to make the ten years of efforts that are put in by Green Hornet in Dynamite.
The video contains some highlights regarding the character Green Hornet!!



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