A New Star Trek Film Is In the Works, and Chris Pine’s Crew Is Returning with WandaVision Director

Matt Shakman, the filmmaker of WandaVision, is set to direct the next Star Trek film. According to Deadline, Shakman has recently inked a deal to helm the next unnamed Star Trek film for Paramount and Bad Robot’s J.J. Abrams, after many failed attempts to get the franchise’s next film off the ground. The announcement comes only a few months after Shakman’s WandaVision received 23 Emmy nominations this year, suddenly making everyone involved a far more valuable commodity. Of course, the most pressing concern regarding the next Star Trek film will be whether it will function as a continuation of the previous films. According to Deadline, the goal is for the original actors from the reboot timeline, led by Chris Pine, to return for the sequel. The screenplay was written by Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson, and Shakman will direct the film.

Though previous attempts to create a new Star Trek have failed, the aim for this version, which will be directed by Matt Shakman, is to expedite production. The project, Words, is set to begin filming next spring. As of yet, no other information regarding its possible narrative have been released, other than the fact that Pine and the other cast members are expected to return. Unfortunately, Anton Yelchin will not be able to reprise his role as Pavel Chekov because he died in 2016 after appearing in three Star Trek films. The most recent Star Trek film to be released in theatres was 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. Star Trek 4 has stagnated in the years afterwards, with different filmmakers joining the project only to leave before production could begin. Quentin Tarantino even proposed directing an R-rated Star Trek film as his farewell film.

In 2019, Noah Hawley was allegedly recruited to write and direct a new Star Trek film, although it remained unclear if Pine and the original cast would return. Another update on the franchise came in March, when it was revealed that Kalinda Vasquez (Star Trek: Discovery) had been hired to write another Star Trek film. As with the Shakman project, Paramount Pictures was slated to produce alongside Bad Robot. At this point, it’s unclear whether this project is still in production independently of Shakman’s film, but a fresh Deadline story claims that the latter will be the next Star Trek film to be produced. Matt Shakman is currently most recognized for producing and directing WandaVision, particularly following the show’s Emmy nominations.

He has directed episodes of popular programs such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Fargo, and Game of Thrones. His filmography is far more limited, but he did direct the 2014 thriller Cut Bank, starring Liam Hemsworth, Billy Bob Thornton, and John Malkovich. Star Trek’s universe will continue to grow on television as well. New seasons of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard are presently in the works. Nonetheless, the franchise is arguably overdue for a comeback to cinemas, so it’s encouraging to hear that the project is back on track with a WandaVision star in the lead.

Source: Deadline

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