A Person Tried to Utilize a Phony ID of Marvel's Thor to Purchase Weed Online in Canada

Here’s a Marvel headline you do not see every day. A person in Canada supposedly attempted to get some cannabis from an online dispensary. He tried making use of an ID that the dispensary employees saw looked conspicuously acquainted.

Seemingly, Thor depended on more than merely drinking himself silly in that time jump between Avengers: Infinity Battle and Avengers: Endgame:

Usage of a Fake ID with Thor’s Details

Usage of a Fake ID with Thor’s Details

Twitter user @cottoncandaddy posted this tweet featuring a conversation between herself and her sister. Her sisters is the above mentioned dispensary employee, full with this valuable image of the fake ID concerned.


Nostalgic Memories of Earlier Thor

Nostalgic Memories of Earlier Thor

The picture of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor made use of in the ID is undoubtedly the most useful feature of it. An excellent callback to Hemsworth’s earliest days as in the Thor series. The last time we saw Thor in Avengers: Endgame, he was sullen as well as clinically depressed. It’s hard to keep in mind the younger version of the character when he was this bold and also big-headed. 

Getting back to the real story available: As for scams go, this is a quite foolish one to attempt to draw. As if there is anywhere in the world that Marvel Studios hasn’t permeated with its content. The youngster gets points for having the cojones to attempt to begin with. Also, possibly for having this degree of Marvel fandom, in a weird means?

Interesting Details in Thor’s Fake ID

There is some fun Easter eggs developed right into the ID. For example,  Thor’s address being “69 Big Hammer Ln,” and his middle name is “Thunder.” Maybe the license number does not contain some numerical Easter egg, which is a staple of Marvel movies, in particular. However, this is an effort to make a phoney ID using an ID that’s been expired  for more than two years. So indeed, this grand plan ended before it began.

When it comes to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor – he arguably might utilize an ID and also a good dispensary. This is because he will undoubtedly be relinquishing Thor duty. During Comic-Con 2019 Marvel disclosed that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster would be getting Mjolnir. She will be “The Mighty Thor” in Taika Waititi’s upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder.

Watch the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok here:


Source: Comicbook, IGN


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