‘A Roomful of Very Angry Wokies’: Twitter Now in Absolute Disarray After Elliot Page-Jordan Peterson Controversy Leads to Multiple Twitter Bans

Jordan Peterson is a psychology professor and YouTuber from Canada who gained notoriety in the 2010s for his far-right political views.

Up until September 2016, when he released a number of videos criticizing Bill C-16, a bill that would have added gender expression and gender identity as protected grounds to the Canadian Human Rights Act, he had continued to maintain a clinical practice where he saw about 20 patients per week. This act would skyrocket his fame and get him on television to talk about his views on many topics.

Jordan Peterson was suspended from Twitter for using the deadname of actor Elliot Page

Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson

Peterson’s tweet contained a link to a New York Post article in which Elliot Page was quoted as saying that he was “happy” to reintroduce his Umbrella Academy character to viewers as Viktor Hargreeves and that he was “eager” to see his real-life transition portrayed on the show. Jordan Peterson used she/her pronouns and wrongly referred to Page by his old name in his initial tweet.

As of right now, the actor has not commented on Peterson’s tweet; instead, he has been using his social media to advertise the upcoming season of his Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, in which he also stars.

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Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin join in on the Twitter chaos

Jordan Peterson & Ben Shapiro on Rubin Report

We also have two more political analysts, Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro, who attempt at defending Jordan Peterson for his suspension. They decided to support Jordan Peterson after seeing how he was suspended for disrespecting Elliot Page’s name and identity as a transgender man.

Dave Rubin’s account was also suspended for using Elliot Page’s old name, however, Ben Shapiro chose to use a more sardonic tone. He then proceeded to post a number of memes while mocking the whole situation. Shapiro’s account would have also been suspended if Twitter’s algorithm could detect this kind of humor.

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Twitter reacts to Ben Shapiro addressing Dave Rubin’s suspension from Twitter

Ben Shapiro

The tweet sent out by the famous media host, Ben Shapiro, sent Twitter into mass hysteria this week. The reactions to his tweet are a representation of the chaos this scenario can bring. Some tweets treat the situation as a joke and some tend to take it deadly seriously. Needless to mention that the tweets are an extension of how serious the act of misgendering could be taken.


Elliot Page, the actor that has been misgendered, has not taken part in any of this chaos as of yet. Jordan Peterson had responded to the chaos via his YouTube channel. The fans reacted to both parties involved on Twitter, adding fuel to the fire. This situation begs the question, is the freedom of speech still valid if it means disrespecting another person?

Source: Marca

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