A secret telepathic message embedded in latest "Avengers: Endgame" clip


The latest clip:

The hype around Avengers: Endgame

Together with Avengers: Endgame only a couple of weeks away, the hype behind its end into the Infinity Saga is actual. Everything comes down to the one enormous cinematic occasion and with this in mind, Marvel Studios gave fans a massive”present” of sorts now with the launch of this first complete clip from Endgame. Obviously, just like everything Endgame, lovers are going over every facet of their footage — and there is one very odd thing which we could not help but detect, carefully tucked out to the sound of this spectacle.

The hidden message in the latest clip of Avengers Endgame:

Which you may check out for yourself over, this reveals many of Captain Marvel attempting to determine what to do about Thanos and those Avengers to acquire the back that is missing how to correct things. Carol appears to have a solution: utilize them to bring the snapped back and get the Infinity Stones. Easy only gotta go locate Thanos. While Captain America is on board, Rhodey has a few queries. It leads up and that is where things become interesting. If you develop the sound pretty loudly — and hearing hurt, however, headphones are extremely useful — and listen really attentively, you may hear what sounds like a female voice saying “I’ve telepathy” immediately when Carol seems Thor lifeless on. The timestamp is in the 0:48 mark, just in case it is needed by you. Go listen to yourself. We are going to wait.

Captain Marvel developing a new power?

Captain Marvel
A secret telepathic message embedded in latest “Avengers: Endgame” clip

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If you noticed it, you can not hear it and it is increasing all sorts of questions. Could it be some kind of secret message? Can Captain Marvel develop a power that is brand new from the quarter-century she has been outside in the world saving? Could it be somebody who had been snapped trying to direct the heroes from? Could there be an additional personality in the room inside that spectacle which, due to editing in order to not disclose everything audiences cannot see?

If that is a message of sorts and it ends up being something which is significant, it could be a surprise about what character might do the whisper that is spooky. We have seen a personality in the MCU. Sure, there’ll be a few which chime in with this being the way they feature the X-Men into matters differently — telepaths are kind of the thing — but it is very unlikely that anything linked to the X-Men along with other newly-back-at-Marvel characters will probably be connected to Endgame in anyhow. Strategies for their entrance are still a ways off. So, who’s it?

Obviously, there is always the risk that the lineup that is telepathy might be nothing of material. Misdirects are something when it comes to Marvel trailers and teasers. It is likely that has been tucked in there to mess with lovers hunting out. It might also be a result of editing when mixing of the noises in between along with the dialogue and the score. That is not impossible. Additionally, it could be a case of a few people while others hear nothing or another hearing something.

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Plenty of puzzles in Avengers Endgame

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Avengers Endgame: A secret telepathic message hidden in latest released clip

Whatever it is, there is obviously plenty of puzzles to unpack in regards to Avengers: Endgame and the epic, three-hour movie not hitting theatres for another 15 and days, lovers have loads of time to attempt and create a sense of it all before Earth’s Mightiest Heroes make their final stand.

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