A Surprise Appearance by Aquaman Star, Jason Mamoa

James Wan’s Aquaman became an impressive hit in 2018. For many reasons, no one really knew what to expect from it, since it followed the release of Justice League, Mary Poppins Returns, Bumblebee, and Spider-Man. In addition to a billion dollars success, the movie is now the world’s largest successful player in the history of DC Comics adaptations to everybody’s surprise.

Since making its debut last year as a Saturday Night Live host, Aquaman star Jason Momoa came back to the show Saturday night for a surprise. Momoa appeared as a  defendant in a civilian case. It was against the elderly character Kate McKinnon in his drawing Chance the Rapper as Judge Barry of Chicago.

Jason Mamoa pitched in for Aquaman 2

Jason Mamoa pitched in for Aquaman 2
Fans Excited for Aquaman 2

Momoa is preparing for Aquaman 2 in contrast to his SNL career. The actor admitted that the powers at Warner Brothers have had his thoughts and that they seem to be fans of his album. “The path from which the movie goes, I’m very excited about it.  I have also come up with a great idea, and a pretty good format, what I want to do about the second one. There are no aliens outside that destructed Earth, that’s us. So I was very glad to get in, and I collaborated with our earlier writer and went in, and we had a locked-out.

Release Date for Aquaman 2

Release Date for Aquaman 2
Aquaman 2 finds its way to the theater.

Trying to produce sequels as quickly as possible is characteristic of Hollywood studios. That being said, Aquaman 2 find its way to the theaters, as Warner Bros. has announced the release date of the epic follow-up on December 22, 2022, and fans all over the world cannot keep calm and are all excited for its release.

Saturday Night Live airs at 11.30/10.30 on Central NBC Saturday nights.

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