10 Abilities You May Not Know The Flash Had

DC FanDome had a Flash panel where the studio has finally given audiences what they can expect from the first Flash solo live-action movie.

The director Andy Muschietti along with the producer of the movie- his sister Barbara Muschietti- was present on the panel.

The writer Christina Hodson and Barry Allen himself- Ezra Miller were all on the panel.

The makers revealed details about Michael Keaton donning the cowl once more and the concept art for the new Flash uniform.

Let’s take a moment and look beyond the movies here, at powers that should be in the movies, underrated ones. Here are 10 powers you may not know the flash has.

Hyper Metabolism 

Barry Allen has an extremely fast metabolism, running as fast as he usually does.

This comes in handy if he’s ever trying to heal from injuries or process alcohol or even most poisons- they just burn up.

The downside to this is that he needs thousands of calories every single day just to make sure his metabolism doesn’t slow him down or make him collapse. 

Borrowing or Stealing Speed

Flash stealing speed from bomb

Flash and most speedsters can transfer speed from one speedster to another.

The speed that is absorbed can boost a speedster’s ability and make them go even faster.

This can also extend to inanimate objects.

He can also steal kinetic energy from objects in motion like projectiles and bullets while they’re in midair.

Speed Perception 

The Flash perceived time on a different level when compared to others.

The Flash can perceive time in Attoseconds, allowing him to make decisions and come up with plans faster than the speed of light itself.

This allows him to run cognitive processes much faster than normal humans.

For instance, Bart and his grandfather Barry happen to possess extremely fast reading skills, learning new skills in a matter of minutes and even seconds.

Bart has the added advantage of a photographic memory as well. 

Telepathic Immunity

This is a useful skill to have especially when dealing with enemies that are known for mind-control.

Flash’s cognitive processes are always on overdrive making it difficult for telepaths to control or pinpoint him.

This comes in handy. Imagine fighting villains like Dr. Psycho, Gorilla Grodd, and The Thinker. 

Speed Sleep

Fighting Central City’s rouges can take a lot out of you. Fighting the Injustice league can drain you. Fighting Apokoliptan hordes? You need a break.

But fighting bank robbers and Captain Boomerang is a piece of cake.

Flash sometimes tends to drift off and have a nap in the span of a picosecond which is one-trillionth of a second. All of this is due to his and his body’s circadian rhythm’s perception of time.

Dimensional Travel

Flash's Cosmic Treadmill

Time travel is one thing. But breaking through dimensional barriers is another matter entirely.

We haven’t seen the cosmic treadmill being teased in the movie but given that time and dimensional travel is involved, we’re hoping its teased soon.

The Flash has trained himself to vibrate at just the right frequency to travel through time and space.

Given that aspects of Flashpoint will be adapted, we’re excited to see what’s in store. 

Speed Speak

The Glasses run from Darkseid's Omega Beams as Superman watches during Final Crisis

Most speedsters carry entire conversations at speeds that are incomprehensible to the human eye.

Speedsters sometimes get nervous and start talking fast. They are however understood by other speedsters who can perceive and comprehend what they’re talking about.

This allows speedsters to have private conversations about their fears and anxieties. It also helps when you’re all one big speedster family.

Speed Force Aura

Flash running with speed force developing

When the Flash is in full motion and running at full speed, he and other speedsters have something called a “Speed-Force Aura”.

This is reminiscent of Superman’s bio-electric field that acts as a sort of barrier that prevents friction and objects like rain or dirt that might fall on a speedster.

This also extends to people he might be carrying at any point in time. It also acts as a kind of cushion for when speedsters might crash into something.

Different Speedsters can Tap into Different Speed Force Abilities

Emergency Stop in 1999 was an arc by Mark Millar and Grant Morrison. This arc showed how speedsters were able to tap into the Speed Force to unleash new abilities.

Wally West was able to create armors, most speedsters can create clones and Lady Flash of Earth-33 was able to unleash electromagnetic blasts.

Anti-Life Negation

In the new 52 retcon of the DC universe, it was seen that the speed force was a product of the source from the source wall.

This makes speedsters almost immune to the effects of the dreaded anti-life equation. It also allows speedsters to help free those who have been subjugated by the anti-life equation.

One instance was in the pre-flashpoint event Final Crisis where Barry was able to liberate Iris from the clutches of Darkseid and the Anti- Life equation that had taken over the world.

ishvar mohan
ishvar mohan

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