Access, Marvel, and DC: Why we need them NOW more than ever!

The fans call for another Marvel and DC collab, and only Access – our forgotten hero co-owned by both the entertainment companies – can make it happen.

The world is going through a turbulent time worth curating in history books. But what we need right now to cope with the chaos is comic books. The coronavirus has self-quarantined a significant number of the population. And to sail us through these few lousy months, a new Marvel vs DC crossover is desired. Hence, our Amalgam Universe icon – Access – needs to bridge this intercompany crossover again, just like he did in the 1990s. Reminiscing?

Axel Asher

Axel Asher
Access bringing together Marvel and DC heroes!

Axel Asher, or famously known as Access, is a regular guy living on Earth-616 in a different multiverse. But soon it is revealed to Axel that he is “The Access” – the sole guardian who can prevent the once unified worlds from merging again. This event set the stage for a duel between the Marvel and the DC heroes.

The Access Era

The Access Era
The miniseries with multiple character crossovers

Access also led in two miniseries: All Access and Unlimited Access. These had the arbitrary appearances of DC and Marvel characters in each other’s universes.

Access is the native of both the universes after he defeats the Darkseid’s scheme. His responsibility is to keep them separate, or else they form the Amalgam Universe again. After the Brothers’ battle, though, with the help of Batman and Captain America, Access stops the apparent destruction of the two universes.

Further Access Wanted!

Further Access Wanted!
Access, who saved the both universes

When the universes were finally restored completely, the Darkseid warned Access that they would meet again. Till now, the threat seems empty. But a new crossover most certainly will throw the cosmic heroes of the two worlds in a pot again. Thanks to Access.



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