According To Jon Bernthal, The Punisher’s True Masculinity Is Found In Empathy & Compassion

The Punisher Is Played By Jon Bernthal:

Jon Bernthal Portrays The Punisher
Jon Bernthal’s Punisher

Actor Jon Bernthal, well known for his performances as Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead and Frank Castle/the Punisher on both Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s The Punisher, feels that genuine masculinity stems from empathy and compassion rather than bombast and tenacity. During Bernthal’s recent visit on Hot Ones, presenter Sean Evans mentioned the actor’s part as Johnny Soprano, Tony Soprano’s father, in the forthcoming film The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel to HBO’s The Sopranos. Evans said that Tony Soprano’s character has frequently been credited with ushering in a “whole new age of masculinity” on television and asked Bernthal to clarify his relationship with the “tough man” roles he frequently portrays.

Jon Bernthal Being Punished By Spicy Wings:

“I just believe there’s this thing going on right now — it’s everywhere, it’s in our politics, it’s in our entertainment, it’s in our media — where there’s this sort of rigidity and unbending, sort of, simply unwillingness to move away from your position.” That is being mistaken with patriotism, strength, and manhood, to declare ‘it’s my way or the highway,’ which I believe is the most un-American thing in the world.” Bernthal went on, “I believe that in order to be a man, you must be able to communicate with everyone. You must be self-assured enough to realize that you may make mistakes and that you can learn from everyone, that you should approach & converse with people who hold opposing views to yours. That is something that all of the individuals I respect and appreciate in my life share. People that truly walk the walk, not just speak about it, all kind of live by that code — that you’re always striving to be better, always trying to improve. It is not my intention to impose my will on you.”

The Punisher’s Masculinity Lies in Empathy & Compassion:

Punisher's Masculinity Lies in Empathy & Compassion
Punisher’s Masculinity Lies in Empathy & Compassion

Returning to the subject of masculinity, Bernthal stated, “I feel like it’s been bastardised in such a manner that, once again, it’s all about the bombast and appearing tough. But, you know, having empathy for people, compassion for people, helping people, wanting to be the type of guy who would be there for someone in need — that’s what I think being a dad, being a man, is all about. And I absolutely… that’s how I’m trying to raise my boys, with an open heart to everyone.” The Many Saints of Newark is now in cinemas and available on HBO Max.

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