Actor: Most Difficult Co-Stars In Hollywood To Work With

Getting into Hollywood is not easy. And, working there is even more difficult. Every actor has their ego, preferences, and way of working. Moreover, fame does ruin you a little, right? While some actors continue to be down to earth, some fail to do so. They act in certain ways that make them difficult to work with. No matter how the actor appears on screen, the truth can be completely different. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” fits here rightly. So, here’s a list of actors in Hollywood who are difficult to work with. Check it out! Also, let us know in the comments which actor on the list is a shock to you.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Singer, Actor and Dancer: Jennifer Lopez
Singer, Actor, and Dancer: Jennifer Lopez

If an actor seems sweet in their movies, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the same in real life. It is reported that JLo has a long list of things that she wants if she’s supposed to be on a set or an event. The list includes expensive stuff like a stand-by helicopter, booking an entire floor of the hotel for her, a custom-fitted speed boat with diamond-encrusted headphones to draw out the sound of the boat, and much more. It was also reported that she wouldn’t talk to the staff around her who wish nothing but to make her comfortable and at ease. The actress is also famous for losing it at the staff for not having her favorite things!

2. Lindsay Lohan

Actor and Singer: Lindsay Lohan
Actor and Singer: Lindsay Lohan

With fame comes responsibilities. Out of so many fishes, it’s you who got the chance to work on a project and deliver. But some actors after fame forget these values. Lindsay Lohan is one of them. She is famous for constantly partying and not coming on the sets the next day on time. Hence, delaying the whole process and bringing down productivity. Her co-star James Deen called her a “child lashing out”.

3. Thomas Gibson

Actor: Thomas Gibson
Actor: Thomas Gibson

Do you think you have anger issues? Well, you’re not the only one. We’ve found your Hollywood twin! Thomas Gibson is famous for his anger issues. In one instance, he has kicked a writer in the shin over the show’s (Criminal Minds) creative direction. In another instance, Gibson shoved an assistant director. He was even made to attend anger management classes in 2010.

4. Lea Michele

Actor: Lea Michele
Actor: Lea Michele

The Glee actress is super famous for being unprofessional on set and treating her co-stars and background actors badly. She even went on calling her background actors “cockroaches”. Her unprofessionalism was even mentioned in late Naya Rivera’s book “Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up”.

5. Chevy Chase

Comedian: Chevy Chase
Comedian and Actor: Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase is the most notorious actor to work with. He started from the show “Saturday Night Live”. However, he was banned from there. He is the only one to be banned from the show. He has a record of physically abusing people on the set of SNL. Moreover, he is also famous for passing racial slurs on the set of “Community” and messing up with the series creator.

6. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone
Actor: Sharon Stone

Sharon is so difficult to work with that not many people wouldn’t want to hire her. It is said that she often used to leave the sets of “A Golden Boy” to go shopping using the production’s credit card. Another instance of her being difficult to work with was her violent feud with “Silver” co-star William Baldwin during an intimate scene. She hit his tongue so hard that he couldn’t speak for a week!

Sukanya Kumar Vasisht
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