Actors Who Almost Died While Filming Familiar TV Shows

TV Shows actor’s job might have appeared as an ideal one. High profile jobs, vast amounts of makeup, luxurious life often attracts ordinary people for this profession. But this richness never gained without tremendous hard work, leading some on to have a brush with death for the one Perfect Shot.

Actors Who Almost Died While Filming Familiar TV Shows
Actors Who Almost Died While Filming Familiar TV Shows

Maintaining safety might play a key role in TV Sets, but sometimes the situation goes uncontrol. Reportedly, there were several cases about the actor’s injury during the shooting of almost fatal TV Shows. The list includes Actor (The Crow star Brandon Lee in 1993), Stunt performers (The Walking Dead’s John Bernecker in 2017), or the Pepsi commercial advertisement in which Michael Jackson infamously suffered second-degree hair burn and was admitted to hospital. The mistake of crew members, faulty equipment, or simple mistakes can lead them to trouble. Let’s discuss some of the actors who almost died while filming familiar TV Shows.

Ian Somerhalder in TV Show Vampire diaries

Tv Show Vampire diaries incident
Vampire diaries incident

Vampire Diaries is an immensely successful TV Show. Beloved star Ian Somerhalder almost died when a choreographed fight scene eventually went wrong. According to the interview with Quem magazine, Co-actor Nathaniel Buzolic said he almost killed Somerhalder in a fight sequel when the stage went wrong. Buzolic said, “We were in a fight scene and something didn’t work. For a few minutes I thought my career will end here and I’ll be chased by fans of the Show for life!”

Bob Denver in the Show Gilligan’s Island

Bob Denver in Gilligan's Island
Bob Denver in Gilligan’s Island

During one of the favorite sequels from the TV Shows Gilligan’s Island, Denver tried to barricade himself away from a wild lion inside Howell’s hut in the Scene. He placed furniture against the door but he did not noticed that lion was already present in the room. During the shoot, he didn’t know if the lion was real or not, but the scare on his face justified the scene. According to crew members, Denver did not act that day; what came into the scene was his natural performance.

Excerpt from the interview ” I must have looked like a little mouse because I heard the roar and my hair stood on end. The only thing that saved me was the twin beds splitting part when he tried to push off, then I turned to see the trainer in mid-air as he tackled the Lion to keep him away from me. Other than that, none of us had any close calls. Believe me, that was close enough!”

Kristin Chenoweth in the Good Wife

Kristin Chenoweth was working for The TV show “The Good Wife.” She cast for a political reporter in the fourth session, but dejectedly fate has other plans for her. In the first episode, a light fixture fell on the set during filming and strikes on her face. The incident led to a skull fracture, spinal and rib injuries, broken nose, cracked teeth. Initially, Kristin was unable to in even forming sentences due to the effect of an injury. Had that candelabrum fell on her head directly, then it might have led to severe damage or even fatal. Later she decided not to return on the set but made a cameo in another episode.

Aaron Paul injury in Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul in TV Show Breaking Bed
Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of the successful TV shows with the highest amount of drama in a realistic manner. As a result, the practical shoot lands Aaron Paul in trouble. In the early episodes of Breaking Bad titled Grilled, Tuco Salamanca kidnapped Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walled. During the fight scene, Cruz injured Paul. The stage involved Cruz was willing to kill Paul and cast a screen door as he attempted to escape. But the stunt went wrong when Aaron stuck into a compromising situation while Cruz beat him continuously. His injuries dazed Paul, but he continued acting. Which makes crew members believe that it was Paul’s powerful acting which created the Scene realistically. Eventually, the crew realized that Paul was hurt and stopped the fight scene. Immediately, crew members took Paul to the hospital for further treatment.

Sophie Aldred & Elisabeth Sladen in TV Show “Doctor Who”

Sophie Aldred & Elisabeth Sladen in TV Show Doctor Who
Sophie Aldred & Elisabeth Sladen in Doctor Who

Doctor Who was a British TV show that tried to kill two of its actors. Initially, there is a sequel in which Sophie is trapped in a water tank in the Battlefield serial. During the sequel filming, the tank cracked and injured Sophie’s hand.

The second case of Doctor Who came during the shoot of “Revenge Of The Cybermen,” which was shot within the Cavern at Wookey Hole Caves; Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) had to drive the boat in the whirlpool in that scene. The team members tampered with a small Rock that villagers called “the witch”. This lead to the ship became wild and injured her. Additionally, Sladen had to jump free in water when stuntman Terry Walsh saved her from drowning.

Richard Hammond in Top Gear

Richard Hammond in TV Show Top Gear:-
Richard Hammond in Top Gear

During the filming from top Gear, a long-running British car Show, Richard Hammond’s life was miraculously saved when his vehicle lost control all of a sudden. At that time, he was nearly close to breaking several speed records. The crash happened when he tried to chase the speed of light with 300Kmph. God’s grace saved his life, but he had to spend two weeks in Coma. The crash happened as the car’s front tire failed and flipped and embedded in the grass with Hammond’s helmet. Accordingly, he described his body state as “a bit fighty” in an interview. However, he had to suffer brain injuries, emotional and psychological problems. Later, he was allowed to telecast the clip after returning to the Show.

Jeff Chase in Dexter

Jeff Chase in TV Show Dexter
Jeff Chase in Dexter

The TV show Dexter has one of the scariest injuries that took place on the sets. This scene almost led to the death of the stuntman Jeff Chase. The Scene was that Jimmy would stab a victim with the guidance of Dexter. However, Jimmy did not realize that he took the real knife in place of the artificial one. Chase could not resist as he was tied on a table.
Moreover, he was bound and gagged until Michael C Hall shouted to stop. But it was too late as Jeff introduced the knife in the body of Chase. Although Jeff got saved due to the plastic-covered heart and he wasn’t wearing a usual metal plate that they used to wear. According to Jeff, “I heard fellow actor Michael C. Hall yelling at Jimmy to stop-but it was too late. I felt the thud in my chest. I didn’t have on a metal breastplate like a lot of actors do in a scene like that.” “I really thought I’d been stabbed in the heart, but I didn’t have a scratch. Jimmy was devastated and couldn’t stop apologizing. I told him, I felt more sorry for him than me.”

Similarly there have been several incidents on the sets that have been nearly fatal for the TV actor.

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