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Actors Who HATED Their Superhero Movie Costumes


When directors tell origin stories derived from Comics, there’s always montage showing how the main character comes to develop their super-suit. That’s because the costume is central to any heroes identity and how audiences connect with them. Costume designers face an uphill battle right from the start, as fans can be pretty vocal about what they expect. It can also be really hard to engineer an outfit that will withstand the realities of filming. Plus, whatever suit they decide on will forever be enshrined in the superheroes lexicon -for better or for worse. But one thing understood the costumes will not be comfortable. Every actor lucky enough to wear one knew exactly what they were getting themselves into, but did it anyway. Because opportunities to super don’t come around every day.
Here are top Amazing Actors who hated their superhero movie costumes.

Ryan Reynolds: Green Lantern

Green Lantern's hated costume
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

CGI is a beautiful thing. It makes new people worlds spring to life and brings people back from the dead. But when executed poorly, it spoils the whole experience- regardless of who is in front of the camera. Case in point: Hal Jordan’s suit is the 2011 flop “The Green Lantern”. Computer generated from head to toe, fans lost their minds about how ridiculous it looked. But nobody hated the outfit more than the guy wearing it: Ryan Reynolds. Thankfully, it wasn’t the actor’s last time super-suiting up. And came back to the big screen in Deadpool and takes a few jabs at his past work. The actor has also stated that he’s thankful Deadpool wears a physical suit instead of a CG one. The kids he visits with the Make A Wish Foundation are far more excited to see a real costume than the alternative motion-capture pajamas he wore for the filming of The Green Lantern.

Margot Robbie: Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie's hated costume as Harley Quinn
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Suicide Squad with Killer teams, both in front of the camera and behind it, the movie is sure to be a success.
But for actress Magie Robbie, the journey has been a cold one. She hated her costume but got no option because playing Harley means wearing the clothes that fit with the iconic character’s personality. And in this case, that means booty shorts, a baseball tee, and some bitchin’ stilettos. The costume is quite striking, especially beside her heavily-clothed cast-mates, but the actress is quick to remind people that there’s a definitive line between where she ends and her character begins. One scene required her to be soaking wet, and when the crew broke for lunch, she ate a burger in her clingy wet costume. If any of us were in her shoes, we’d feel self-conscious too.

Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn: The X-Men Movies

Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn's pic in costume
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Fans have been drawn to the X-men franchise, in part, because of the diversity of characters. Each mutant manifests their power in a personalized way, and bring those radical characters to life takes incredible dedication behind the scenes. These transformations aren’t just hard on the makeup team, they take a toll on the actors too. Both Rebecca and Jenifer have played Mystique, everyone’s favorite shapeshifter and one of the series most visually stunning characters. The actresses were both covered in prosthetics and paint applied directly to their skin, in a process that usually took about seven hours every day. After Lawrence had a medical reaction to the paint, they finally created a suit for her. Mercifully, that cut her time in the makeup chair down to only 3 hours. Of only Romijn could have been as lucky.

Paul Bettany: Captain America Civil War

Vision's Costume which he hated
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

According to Paul, spending 20 hours a day with rubber glued to your face is kind of an uncomfortable experience and that is why he didn’t like his suit. As Vision, Bettany is decked out in a full suit from tip to toe, which had a tendency to get pretty warm. But what Audience can’t see are the tubes underneath, pumping ice water around the actor’s body to cool him off- a trick used for most of the heroes appearing in the film. But that didn’t help him the nearly four hours each day to get into costume. A costume that, he says, he can rip off in under a minute at the end of the day. As for the rest of his day? The suit team had two pity of advice for him and co-star Chadwick Boseman to stay sane in their uncomfortable costumes: reading and meditation. And when it got really bad, Bettany says he reflected on how many Actors would kill to be in his position, and his discomfort became replaced with gratitude.

Andrew Garfield: The Amazing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield's suit
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

With all superhero movies being released these days, costume designers have been working overtime to take the most complicated design from page to the screen. And they’ve become pretty innovative as a result. A good costume makes it easy to forget that it’s being worn by a real person, who has real, and Andrew Garfield’s first Spidey suit from The Amazing Spiderman is a good example. While if as full of technology, the only way was the actor could go to the bathroom was to take off completely. No easy feat when the suit is engineered to be skin-tight. Thankfully, the designers heard Garfield’s feedback and added a zipper to the next generation. Nature’s call wasn’t the only obstacles in his way, apparently the mask as really hard to see out of. But since Spider’s mask and eyeshadow are basically his trademark, everyone agreed that low visibility was a price they were willing to pay in order to stay true to the character.

Malin Akerman: Watchmen

Malin Akerman costume
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

No matter how literal the adaptation, filmmakers take a risk when they decide to take a story from a graphic novel and turn it into a movie. But regardless of where you stand on Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, you have to admit that the costumes are dead on. And while that made fans really happy, it was hard on Malin Akerman. As silk Spectre, Akerman had to wiggle into a suit made of latex, which she compared to wearing a rubber band. The actress has also said that Spectre’s suit would magnify the temperature of whatever room she was in, making her either freeze or overheat depending on the conditions. And a corset and heels to that equation and the result is a bad time.

Ben Affleck: Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Ben Affleck Hated Suit
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

When it came time for Christian Bale to pass the bat-torch to Ben Affleck, he had one piece of advice: ‘make sure you can piss in the suit.” And as we heard earlier, that’s a sentiment that Andrew Garfield would agree with. Going into the filming of Batman V Superman armed with the device also led to co-star Henry Cavill’s super-suit being modified to meet the new criteria as well. But that isn’t the Batsuit changed with camping Affleck’s style, it’s the heavily armored alternate suit that’s to blame. It looks unbelievably bad ass in the final cut from the film, but in reality, it was way less cool. The actor wore a baggy motion-capture suit during these scenes which helped engineers later manipulate the scene with CGI. And, as it turns out, fighting in ill-fitting pajamas against the Man of Steel can be a little embarrassing, especially if you’re expected to brood at the same time.

So there was the list of Actors who Hated their Superhero Movie Costumes. Thanks for reading.