Adam F. Goldberg Wants To Make A Fanboys Sequel Movie Centered On The Snyder Cut Phenomenon

Love the Snyder Cut? Many others do as well. One of whom is Fanboys writer Adam F. Goldberg. He wants to create a sequel with Ready Player One creator Ernie Cline. It will supposedly be centered on a group of fans trying to steal Justice League‘s Snyder Cut. Excited? So are we. Read on to know more.

How Did The Release The Snyder Cut Movement Came To Be?

People want the Snyder Cut because they love Snyder's vision for Justice League. Pic courtesy: snydercut.com
People want the Snyder Cut because they love Snyder’s vision for Justice League. Pic courtesy: snydercut.com

It has been two years since the theatrical release of Justice League was met with critical and commercial derision. By now everyone knows that Zack Snyder had to leave the project halfway because of his daughter’s death. In his place Josh Whedon took over to finish the project. The end result was a bad mix between the vision of the two directors. Apart from this, there were hectic reshoots, bad CGI (remember Cavill’s moustache?) and the studio mandated two hour runtime which left the movie with no legs to stand on.

Many fans felt that WB sidelined Snyder and curtailed his vision because he wasn’t giving them the box office results they wanted, even though all of his directed movies grossed above 600 million. From then on a group of fans who loved Snyder’s vision of Justice League have campaigned for the director’s version of the movie to be released. There have been campaigns at SDCC, continuous tweeting at WB’s Twitter accounts and other numerous projects to force WB to release the Snyder Cut. Even Zack Snyder has released unseen photos from his version of the movie  and he has himself pushed for the release of his cut of the movie. But nothing has come of it. WB has remained mum on the issue and it looks like they are determined to leave Snyder and his version of the DCEU behind and move forward towards stand alone DC projects.

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Goldberg Wants To Make A Fanboys Sequel Centered On The Snyder Cut

Fanboys writer Adam F. Goldberg wants to make a sequel of Fanboys based on the Snyder Cut. Pic courtesy: theblemish.com
Fanboys writer Adam F. Goldberg wants to make a sequel of Fanboys based on the Snyder Cut. Pic courtesy: theblemish.com

Now the only hope of seeing anything related to the Snyder Cut comes from fan fiction. But there is a chance of getting some good fan fiction if one of the fans is Goldberg.

Quoting a tweet from a parody account about him working on the said project, Goldberg revealed that he’s down to officially push through with a Fanboys sequel focused on a group of Snyder Cut campaigners. But only if Cline will join him. Of course fans loved the idea and flocked to the tweet. Check it out below:


For readers who don’t know, Fanboys is a 2009 comedy film that depicted a group of die hard Star Wars friends sneaking into Skywalker Ranch in the hopes of stealing a rough cut of The Phantom Menace. The film is set in 1999 at the height of Lucasfilm kicking off the prequel trilogy. It was directed by Kyle Newman and it starred Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel and Kristen Bell. Cline and Goldberg wrote the screenplay for the it. What makes Fanboys special is that it features cameos from actors who appeared in the movies as well, such as Carrie Fisher (Leia Organa) and Ray Park (Darth Maul). Moreover, it was given a stamp of approval by George Lucas himself.

We wonder if the movie will happen and if Zack Sndyer will help in making the movie so that in one way or the other, his vision for Justice League finally comes true. As for cameos, they have to get Henry Cavill somehow. But we seriously doubt if WB (who owns the rights to the DC characters) will let it happen.

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