Adam Sandler Leaves Everyone Teary Eyed With His Tribute To Chris Farley on SNL

Adam Sandler pays a touching tribute to his friend and costar Chris Farley as he remembers his life.

Adam Sandler returned to Saturday Night Live(SNL) and put forth a touching musical tribute to his friend and co-star, the late Chris Farley.

Adam Sandler Pays Tribute To His Friend Chris Farley
Adam Sandler Pays Tribute To His Friend Chris Farley on SNL

Adam Sandler On Saturday Night Live: A History

Adam Sandler was one of the most popular performers on the sketch show when he joined the show in 1991. His large array of silly characters included Opera Man, Canteen Boy and Cajun Man. Although Sandler would eventually get fired from the show inspite of his popularity, but he would then go on to have a successful movie career. He would become one of the biggest box office comedy stars throughout the late 1990s before eventually ending up as a Netflix staple.

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Chris Farley’s Career Trajectory

When Sandler was ascending to stardom on SNL, Chris Farley was carving out his own legacy as one of the funniest performers on the show. Farley made use of his huge physical size and a larger personality to create some of the most memorable hilarious moments. But he would find himself at the end of his life’s rope as he passed away in 1997.

The Tribute From Adam Sandler

When Adam Sandler came back to Saturday Night Live for his first appearance after being fired back in 1995, he dedicated a part of his show to perform a touching tribute to his friend and fellow fired co-star Farley before wrapping up the show. You can see the performance below:

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Sandler’s Bruce Springsteen-like song not only pays tribute to Farley’s many beloved SNL characters, it also gives some very interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits regarding Farley’s many beloved SNL characters. Things get even more emotional when Sandler sings about the very last time he hung out with Farley at fellow SNL cast member Tim Meadow’s wedding only to attend his funeral a few months later.

Sandler’s tribute was heartfelt and commemorated a friend who was special to him.

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