Adamantium: 8 Interesting Facts About Marvel’s Strongest Metal

Comic book history is buffed up with some extraordinary superheroes and villains, their costumes and weapons but it’s not every day that you find a metal being famous. Yes, we’re talking about adamantium here. It was introduced back in the year 1969 in Avengers #68 and has played a significant role in the Marvel universe since then. It’s most famous usage was to cover Wolverine’s skeleton and claws and this makes him almost unbeatable.
There have been numerous secrets that this metal has contained over more than 50 years and running in Marvel and today we will talk about 8 strange facts about Adamantium, you probably didn’t know.

Adamantium Weakness #1: Antarctic Vibranium.

If you ask Stan Lee to name things in Marvel, you’d probably find him repeating himself. That’s exactly how one gets things like Doctor Strange reciting a spell where he invoked Doramammu who goes on to become his arch enemy. Similarly, vibranium has been used twice by Lee. One, it is the main resource for the people of Wakanda and two, in Savage Land, pursued by the evil brother of Ka-Zar. The only problem is that these two vibraniums are completely different from each other.
The second vibranium is called Antarctican Vibranium and is also called Anti-Metal because if it’s activated once, the vibrations from it will melt any metal nearby. It once helped Avengers to defeat Ultron, where Giant Man pounded the Vibranium into Ultron which caused him to melt.

Adamantium Weakness #2: Scarlett Witch

The only way to alter Adamantium is to re arrange it molecularly. All versions of Ultron were made out of Adamantium constructed similarly but there is someone who can rearrange molecules and that’s Scarlett Witch. Scarlett Witch’s power for more than a decade was to affect luck, ie. she can make an unlikely thing to become so likely that it ends up happening.
Scarlett Witch used her powers to malfunction Ultron’s powers when she first encountered him and it was later revealed that she could mess with reality itself to make things happen.

Adamantium Weakness #3: Magic

Adamantium is indestructible and cannot be affected in a molecular way. But it’s not the same way for everyone, it seems.
The perfect example of this came when X Men were caught up in a demonic limbo ruled by Belasco and while they are able to rescue Colossus’ sister Illyana, Wolverine died right away and his Adamantium skeleton simply hung in the limbo. We even see S’ym who’s Belasco’s servant snapping off Adamantium easily. It’s clear that the metal doesn’t work on magical and demonic beings.

What are allotropes?

Allotropy is a fascinating real life science which refers to the property of some elements that cause them to appear in different forms under different conditions. For example, carbon can become diamond, while it can also become graphite under different conditions.
This idea was applied to Adamantium in X-Men #191 against the villainous Children of the Vault. Children of The Vault was a villainous group which was more advanced than the mutants. They were discovered by Sabretooth and they even tried to kill him to keep their existence a secret. It was revealed that there are 13 different types of Allotropes for Adamantium and they are all unstable and short lived, also poisonous. This was even used on Wolverine by Serafina, who was one of the Children. This turned Wolverine’s claws green and rendered him unconscious.

The Downside of Adamantium

An allotrope of Adamantium can become poisonous and in fact, Adamantium has been poisoning Wolverine for years. A human body isn’t capable enough to have Adamantium for a long time and it can cause mutations from the radioactive energy that it gives out. When kept in a body for too long, it can behave in a similar manner and it’s the Wolverine’s healing factor that keeps him from the poison let out by the Adamantium inside his body and he’s the only one who could feel its effects.

The Future of Adamantium

The original Guardians of The Galaxy told the story of an astronaut named Van Astro, who was put into suspended animation for a thousand years so that he could become the first human to achieve interstellar space travel. When he woke up and returned, he discovered that humans had already found out the key to fast interspace travel. However, The Galaxy was conquered by Badoons who were evil aliens. Astro teamed up with a number of other aliens from various colonies created by Earth and his special suit which allowed him to live into the future was made out of Adamantium. However, in the future, Adamantium isn’t the hardest metal, it has been replaced by Dargonite.

The Past of Adamantium

Adamantium was invented by Doctor MacLain decades after he began working on strong metals and he accidentally went on to create Captain America’s shield. In the graphic novel, Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure, Wolverine was called to Savage Land to defeat Apocalypse. Wolverine kills him only to rediscover that it was just a robot and not Apocalypse himself.
Wolverine was manipulated by Apocalypse himself into this mission because he wanted his malfunctioning robot to be taken care of. While inspecting the robot, Wolverine found out ancient Adamantium in his body and this can be taken as a clue that it was discovered before MacLain by Apocalypse.

Everyone could use some Adamantium in their life

We’ve seen a number of heroes and villains turning to Adamantium to upgrade themselves like Steve Rogers, who needed another shield after he quit being Captain America. The shield was made by Stark out of Adamantium. It was returned back by Rogers after the Armor Wars and it ended up as a shield worn by a US agent. Similarly, Hawkeye has used Adamantium for his his arrows and Doctor Octopus used it to replace his original metal ones. German hero, Maverick has an Adamantium knife and Battlestar had his own Adamantium shield. (Not forgetting Daken, Wolverine’s son who had his own father-like claws.

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