Adaptive Triggers: Most Amazing Dual Sense Feature Explained

The gaming world has reached New Heights in these past two decades.

Newer Concepts like virtual reality gaming, 3-D Gaming, and holographic Gaming have significantly evolved.

Gaming companies invented new console elements to experience the ultimate gaming atmosphere.

Gaming consoles like Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation are always on the top end, trying to create an excellent user experience.


 PlayStation 4 console

Sony Corp is advanced in technological expertise. From creating the first Walkman and bringing the immersive digital experience, it always made a milestone.

Sony interactive entertainment released the first gaming console, the PlayStation, which became a worldwide success.

From then on, PlayStation started to rule the world of Gaming.

In these 26 years, Sony has released four PS consoles. PS Dual Shock controller makes these consoles unique and user compatible.

PS 5

The new PlayStation 5 console
The new PlayStation 5 console

Now it has reached its 5th generation. Sony is going to release the PS 5 controller coming winter.

This Dual Sense has an “adaptive trigger.” This trigger makes players feel the in-game tension.

It also provides a real physical sense of the gaming atmosphere.

Some explained features include slick feeling like walking on ice and mud.

Toggle strains improve the effects of FPS shooting and archery graphics. Original vehicle driving simulation is implemented in the consoles.

The console also includes Tempest 3-D audio tech for an immersive experience.

It also contains a microphone array to reduce headset usage.

The difference between PS 4 and 5

Comparing PS 5 and PS 4

PS takes various steps on making the console weightless even with more technical Hardware.

Also, the famous share button installed in PS 4 has been changed to a create button for many more features. The traditional monotone color of the console changed to a dual-toned color.

Likewise, the bone-shaped structure reinvented into a rounded structure for newly installed Hardware.

This winter will reveal the PS user’s response to this new console.

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