Adele Doesn’t Give a “Freaking Flying F**k” About the Super Bowl, Only There To See Rihanna

Adele is taking the Super Bowl by storm this year, and her recent statement has the music world buzzing with excitement. Although Adele has refused to perform at the Super Bowl, she’s still determined to make it a memorable experience for everyone. The singer is known for her infectious energy and contagious enthusiasm, and she’s sure to bring that same energy to the Super Bowl halftime show.

In her Las Vegas residency show, Adele made it clear that she’s attending Super Bowl LVII for one reason and one reason only – to see RIHANNA perform!  So naturally, Adele’s presence will bring extra excitement to the already electrifying atmosphere, and her support of Rihanna will only add to the crowd’s energy.

An ‘Only Girl In The World’ Moment


It’s clear that Adele is a true music lover and will stop at nothing to see her favorite artists perform live. The Grammy award-winning singer stated that she was clearly “going just for Rihanna.”:

“I’m going just for Rihanna. I don’t give a flying freaking f—” about the Super Bowl.”

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Rihanna’s halftime performance is set to be epic, and Adele is eager to witness it in person. The queen of soulful ballads is a true music lover and doesn’t care about the Super Bowl. She’s only there for the musical spectacle. This isn’t the first time Adele has used her Las Vegas residency to share exciting news with her fans. Last week, the singer confirmed that she’d be attending the Grammys this weekend, despite rumors circulating that she wouldn’t. Adele’s no-nonsense approach and directness make her so beloved by her fans.

“Who said I wasn’t going to the Grammys? Man, whoever started that rumor is a d—head! ‘Cause I am going to the Grammys. I would never miss the Grammys. I would never be as disrespectful to the Grammys or to other artists. Whoever started that little story needs to go touch some grass.”

Adele with Grammy Awards 2012
Adele with Grammy Awards 2012

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Adele’s All In

Adele’s love for live performances and music is well known, and her recent statement is a testament to that. The British singer’s not there for the Super Bowl; she’s there to see one of her favorite artists perform. Consequently, Adele’s support for Rihanna is a testament to their friendship and love of music. The two artists have been friends for many years. Their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talents are well-known.

Adele and Rihanna
Adele and Rihanna

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Adele’s presence at the Super Bowl will bring even more excitement to the halftime show. Her fans are eager to see what she has in store. Her support of Rihanna will only add to the already electrifying atmosphere. The singer’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her love of music will bring new excitement to the Super Bowl.

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