Oscars have yet again left us Awestruck with sizzling moments and dreamlike apparels of sophisticated celebs. For the next few days, every act would be analyzed and predicted but out of the whole Pandora box one encounter between Margot Robbie and Timothee Chalamet went an extra mile which made our hearts race faster and awakened the fluttering butterflies in our stomach.

Cheeky moment Alert !!

 timothee chalamet and margot robbie
Heartwarming moments captured

Last night when celebs and other renowned people made their way onto the red carpet , certain moments were captured by the photographer that brewed between the two cheeky actors . Timothee Chalamet is running high on success due to his work in little women while Robbie gained her recognition and fame due to her part in bombshell, Oscar night was pretty smooth and stress-free for both the young actors as they weren’t directly nominated for an award but both received their awards of behind-the-scenes talent at the ceremony.

Mouth savoring apparels

 timothee chalamet and margot robbie

The little women actor had us drooling with his hair slicked back and a sleek jacket with dark pants adorning his body, looking all ready for the evening but even his gaze stops on the phenomenal Robbie as she walks in on the carpet. Little Women star Chalamet was having his own picture taken in front of the photographers before he walked down the line and leaned in as Birds Of Prey star Robbie was posing herself. Margot too turned heads, stunning in a vintage Chanel gown as she walked in, it was very cheeky of him to pull that act up .

Reactions received

 timothee chalamet and margot robbie
Their moment had received applause from media

But nonetheless, it was appreciated by the photographers and received applause from them for the same. we all needed this cute playfulness amidst the brewing gossips and cringes, it was a moment of joy and the smiles in the picture definitely represented their happiness.

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